A week-long private coaching intensive to identify your unique 'spiritual secret sauce' and diversify your services so your spiritual business stands out and gets you PAID!






there's NOTHING quite like taking ALL your spiritual interests and gifts and creating the PERFECT offers

  • Action plan for your 'Signature Spiritual Service' (or course)

  • Mindset tools to remain in 'inspired badass lucrative lightworker mode' throughout the intensive and beyond

  • Marketing magic - how to stand out and reach those clients + customers who are PRAYING for the exact offer we build together during this program

There are a LOT of tarot readers / healers / coaches out there (which is a good thing!) but we all want to stand out in our own way, amirite?  We want to reach the souls who came here specifically to meet and learn from us at this point in their lives... and we want to earn lots of money bringing more light to the world one client at a time!

This is ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY possible for you!  


The Lucrative Lightworker Intensive will give you ALL the inspiration, tools, and structure you need in your business to make this dream a reality.

  • Wanting to expand their single-session tarot/healing services but don't know how or where to start

  • Single-session services have their place, but your clients WANT to take their healing to the next level with you but you're not giving them the no-brainer opportunity to do so!

  • There's no feeling like creating a 111% UNIQUE-to-YOU service and/or course that incorporates multiple passions & talents of yours, that will stand out to your ideal clients and have them clamoring to get in on the action!

    • Not only are your clients excited about it but YOU get to be jazzed and inspired to offer it too!​


This intensive is for you if you're:

  • Wanting MORE for your business but feeling completely lost on what 'more' would look like

  • Feeling sometimes bored or uninspired with the current services you offer

  • Wanting to feel more like a rare, shiny unicorn than just another fish in the sea of readers/healers/coaches

  • Multi-passionate but feel like you *have to* offer certain services that may be popular or familiar to your clients

  • Feeling slightly burnt out from spending so much time and energy on either:

    • all the single sessions that you're doing but seeing little financial return... or

    • all the free readings on insta you're posting and hearing crickets when it comes to paying clientele

as lightworkers we ALL want to offer our unique gifts to the world and create financial freedom for ourselves and our families in the process 



Hey there, star angel. I'm Chrissy!

I'm a soul + business coach for modern lightworkers, healers, and spiritual teachers that desire to build a lucrative and fulfilling business by bringing more light and consciousness to the world.  Serving such bright, shiny, driven souls every day is my calling and every day I pinch myself just to check in and make sure it's still real.



I know what it's like to feel like I have SO much value and light to share with others, but not knowing which direction was the 'right one' to get me there - and fast!

I spent MONTHS trying different business ventures and trying to grow an 'impressive' social media following... but it was all misguided because I wasn't fully

If you're anything like me, you don't like to waste any time making your dreams a reality.  You see how others are suffering and you know that your life experience and your spiritual gifts can make all the difference for the world.

BUT HOW DO I MAKE IT HAPPEN?! You may be wondering...


Being successful isn't about following a cookie-cutter strategy that everyone else is doing.



It's about discovering EXACTLY what it is that you are most passionate about and gifted in

get your services in front of more people who need your unique magic,

This intensive is PERFECT for:

  • Course creators with spiritual messages

  • Spiritual teachers/mentors

  • Soul coaches / spiritual life coaches

  • Tarot readers

  • Energy healers

  • Online reiki practitioners

  • Online yoga / meditation instructors

On our session, we will:

  • Identify your strengths and the passions that light you up MOST to teach

  • Identify what beliefs, identities, fears, etc that may have kept you from truly stepping into your full potential as a spiritual guide

  • Work to build out at least one high-level course or service that gets you feelin' JAZZED to offer to your ideal audience

    • Who it's for​

    • What's included (# of modules, what each week will teach, etc)

    • The confidence & self-identity that's required for you to sell your new offer with ease and joy, rather than stress and anxiety

    • What goes into an effective sales page to help your soon-to-be clients/customers understand your offer and WHY it's something they deserve to invest in for their own spiritual growth

On our voxer days, we will:

  • Address any fears/doubts that may come up as you step boldly into a new YOU

  • I'll be reviewing your sales page copy and/or course content