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inviting magic


We all know what it's like to start the day from the "wrong" side of the bed... which, more often than not, leads to either a day filled with stress & heavy emotions or an "auto-pilot" day filled with meh emotions.


You deserve better!

I intentionally created this morning activation to not only serve as your fresh start (every day truly is a blank canvas) but it's also an attunement to co-create a day filled with of  ALL kinds of magic with the Universe!


The most beautiful sunset you've ever seen, an inspired idea that will go on to serve THOUSANDS of people, incredible new clients signing on to work with you, unexpected income...


ANYTHING is possible when you start your day with Inviting Magic!


The soul-southing background track combined with my channeled guidance and prompts will prepare your mind, body, and spirit to receive gifts from a high-vibrational space of infinite possibility.

It truly is something special. From my heart to yours... enjoy Inviting Magic!

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Get a taste of the magic!


Hi there, my dear! I'm Chrissy Dee. I'm a certified intuitive business mentor for lightworkers and healers.  I work specifically with spiritual mentors/coaches, tarot readers, energy/crystal healers, astrologers, psychic mediums, and spiritual content creators to help them expand into greater levels of service and income so they can do their soul's work for a living!


I started off in an engineering 'day job' that had its place in my journey, but soon became stressful and unfulfilling after my first spiritual awakening.


I was determined to create a life by my own design helping thousands of lightworkers become empowered and rise into their greatness.

After graduating from a soul coaching certification in September 2019 and moving through all the crazy ups and downs of life and entrepreneurship, with my soul guides never far away, I finally resigned from my 9-5 in September 2020 and went full time as an intuitive business mentor!

I now spend my days teaching mission-driven spiritual entrepreneurs who have big hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!

Oh, and I absolutely love spending time with family, traveling the world, star gazing, and having deep conversations with interesting people!


I offer a high-level 4-month 1:1 mentorship program for spiritual entrepreneurs, a 5-day spiritual business coaching intensive, and various value-packed masterclasses and workshops.


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