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5 day 1:1 business coaching intensive

lightworker  FOR A LIVING

An explosive coaching experience to release what’s anchoring you to limited results + accelerate into your destiny of doing your soul’s work full time!


Breathe powerful new energy into your spiritual business and fast-track the results you've been dreaming of since day 1 as an entrepreneur!

Image by Viva Luna Studios

This intensive was specifically designed to help you create tangible forward progress in the pursuit of being an abundant AF spiritual business owner & create a plan for sustainable, continued success with your lightwork.

this intensive is for you if:


You are a spiritual entrepreneur (energy healer, tarot reader, astrologer, spiritual coach, etc) who has been feeling stuck, disempowered, unmotivated, or hesitant in your business lately. OR you have had some success but you’re not meeting your income goals and filling your schedule with clients/students who would benefit greatly from your work.


You regularly have thoughts like:


  • “I’m going to wait until x, y, z to post this / offer this / show up”

  • “When will my business finally take off? I’ve been working so hard!”

  • “Why does it seem so easy for others to succeed doing what they love?”

  • “The tarot / astrology / coaching / healing market is too saturated for me to stand out”

  • “Maybe I’m not meant to do this work”

  • “No one cares about my work”

You have all these exciting ideas for your offerings but you're struggling to set a clear, aligned goal and execute.


You have this deep desire to help people with your spiritual work, but the clients / students / customers just aren’t flowing... therefore the money you need to live, pay rent, leave your 9-5 (perhaps?) and live the abundant lifestyle you desire is scarce or nowhere in sight.


You are ALL IN committed to earning a living with your work - it’s why you’re looking for support because you know that will accelerate your results!

who this is NOT for:


Someone who has an I-could-take-it-or-leave-it attitude about their dreams as an entrepreneur. They love the *idea* of having a business that plays a part in raising the collective consciousness of this planet, but when the going gets tough, their lightwork always goes to the back burner.


Someone who isn’t willing to invest major TLC into their business for the week of this intensive / someone who is easily distracted. I’ve had many clients who have demanding “day jobs” (including SAH mommies!) and the ones who get the best results find a way to dedicate time to their dreams.

We must lift the veil of our current circumstances and where we *think* our lives and businesses are headed. 


Our power lies within the truth of knowing we can create ANYTHING we desire - even millions of dollars doing what serves the greater good and sets our soul on fire!

...If that excites you (but also low-key scares you!) then Lightworker for a Living is for you.

Allow me to be your guide:

Since implementing the mindset tools, energetics, and business strategy you'll get inside this coaching intensive, I have:

  • Earned $4400 in a single day in my business and earned thousands more since opening my LLC

  • Built such concrete resiliency with reaching my biggest dreams that they had no choice but to come true!

  • FINALLY resigned from my secure 6-figure 'day job' (!!!!!)

  • Attracted incredible, dedicated short-term & long-term soulmate clients without even trying

  • More than DOUBLED my 1:1 coaching rates after implementing key identity work & almost immediately signed on an amazing pay-in-full client

  • Leapt out of my comfort zone more times than I can count... and reaped the financial benefits of doing so!

  • Organically grown a highly-engaged, amazing audience of beautiful souls on my fave social platform, Instagram.

Everyone is entitled to their process an

Coming into Chrissy's  spiritual entrepreneur intensive, I wasn't really sure what would come out of it but I know I was ready to take the next steps to get the ball rolling in my spiritual biz. The experience was INCREDIBLE.


Honestly, having a coach is great for accountability, but having an intuitive and intelligent coach like Chrissy was an absolute game-changer. I made so so so much progress that I would never have been able to achieve alone.


I came out of it more confident in my gifts, more respectful of my work ethic, more faith in the future of my business and so much gratitude for Chrissy's guidance and wisdom. I can't wait to work with Chrissy again - this was one of my absolute favourite investments I've made in this business and I have come out of it so empowered, and with a multitude of tools on my belt that will help me consciously grow and market my biz.

Nicole Rusli, Intuitive Coach + Tarot Reader


Smart Phone Outline

here's how it works:

We kick off the intensive with one 90 minute coaching call (held on a Monday) where we:

  • Identify the limiting beliefs, ego-generated stories, personal labels, and thought patterns anchoring you to your current lifestyle and business status

  • Shift these tendencies that aren't serving you to create empowerment (ego alchemy)

  • Plan to make positive change actually STICK via identity work & highly-personalized success habits

  • Brainstorm & design ONE way you can push the boundaries of comfort zone and take big action in line with your goals during the week. I’ll be available to support you the whole way!

This coaching call is directly followed up by a week of support & accountability via Voxer (text/voice support) until 6pm MST Friday. You will have my unlimited support at your fingertips as you work toward your goals. 

Heart & Hands

This week of Voxer support may include:

  • Quickly working through doubts + fears that naturally come as a response to taking brave new action

  • Reaffirming and locking in your new empowering & motivating beliefs

  • Holding you accountable to your identity work & new success habits

  • My review & editing of any website, sales page, or email marketing copy you may be writing to propel your business forward in line with your unique goals

  • Answering literally any questions you have about your path to your destiny as a Lightworker for a Living!

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

- Wayne Dyer


To close out this divine container, we'll have one 15 minute final check-in Zoom call (held on a Friday) to celebrate the progress you’ve made, the goals you’ve met, and brainstorm action steps for continued soul & business expansion beyond the intensive!


The world needs as many empowered, successful, unapologetic spiritual entrepreneurs as possible in order to support this phase of mass awakening… so let’s GET TO WORK!

Meet Your Teacher

Certified life & business coach, ex 9-5er, stargazer, comfort zone ditcher

Hey, cosmic soul!  I'm Chrissy.  I'm an intuitive life + business coach.  I help healers to come alive in their purpose and gain all the confidence, mindset tools, and business strategy needed to carry out their soul's work - - for a living!

I also help open-minded souls overcome struggle in any area of their lives.

After falling out of love with an online yoga business I was growing for about a year, I felt more lost than ever in my own soul's purpose.  I also felt stuck AF in a 'day job' that was stressful and unfulfilling.


I wanted a path forward that I could get super jazzed about.  I wanted to spend my precious time on this earth helping others and building a lifestyle that lights up my heart and soul.

Not long after one of my lowest points, I fell in love with coaching and got certified! I've been through ALL the imaginable (and unimaginable) ups and downs of life & entrepreneurship and, with my soul guides never far away, I've discovered ways to overcome it all and trust the expansion process when the going gets tough.  

I LOVE teaching people who have big hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!

Inside this 5-day coaching intensive, you will gain clarity & empowerment in your abilities as a healer, the direction of your work, marketing, pricing, and more. 


All the results you desire are available to you!

So... are you in, lightworker?

the investment

the investment





After checkout, you'll be sent an email with a link to my calendar to book our kickoff 75-minute call together as soon as you're ready to. You can only book during the month of November so the kickoff sessions are available 16th, 23rd, and 30th. *Be sure to check your promotions/spam folder if the confirmation email from me doesn't show up in your inbox within a few minutes of completing payment.

Before completing your booking, you'll be prompted to answer some questions about your business & your goals over the week of our intensive so we can jump right in and make the most of every minute of our time together during the session!

On the call, I'll provide you with details to download the free Voxer app and add me as a contact so we can send texts and voice messages back and forth over the 5 days following your 75-minute coaching call.

We will set up a time for your final 15-minute check in call once we've started working together. It will be the Friday of the week in which you book your kickoff session.​


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