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LUCRATIVE Lightworkers



A 3-month group mentorship for online spiritual business owners to dream up, create + sell unique high-end services that make BIG money while making a BIG impact on the world

The time is NOW, lightworker.  The world is in DESPERATE need of your wisdom, teachings, and unique spiritual offerings.

You're a tarot reader, astrologer, intuitive healer, or spiritual teacher/mentor who is ready to COMMIT to your soul’s work and learn an easy and enjoyable roadmap to BIG impact and BIG income

Imagine how expanding and diversifying your biz will allow you to:

  • Quantum leap from earning single session rates to launching high-end programs, services, and/or courses that could very well earn you THOUSANDS in a single day!

  • Pay down debts, spoil your loved ones, donate to causes you're passionate about and be a shining example to others what it's like to EMBODY abundance

  • Pay all your bills from your BUSINESS bank account and go full-time as a Lucrative Lightworker!

  • Launch new, exciting, passion-filled, and Spirit-driven offers that pay for everything you could ever need (and THEN some!)

  • Guide and support your clients for a longer period of time, thus facilitating and witnessing MASSIVE transformation and growth (SERIOUSLY best feeling in the world!)

  • Replace your current calendar of short, here-and-there client sessions with a calendar you design specifically to fit YOUR needs and desires (scaling your income without burning out!)​​

  • Learn exactly how to consistently believe in yourself and your ability to serve + earn BIGGER as your business continues to evolve

The world needs as many empowered, successful, unapologetic spiritual entrepreneurs as possible in order to support this phase of mass awakening… so put on your light suit and let’s GET TO WORK!

I feel your heart, lightworker:

You know your spiritual gifts are powerful

You feel the desire in your soul to make a living helping people

You're inspired AF by spiritual leaders who make bank with their teachings

. . . But I also see your struggle:

Perhaps you're feeling stuck AF in a "day job" that doesn't do it for ya and you don't see any realistic way to put in your notice and jump into your lightwork full time anytime soon.

You LOVE your single session services but they ain't paying the big bills or providing the overflow you've been dreaming of.

You've had so many sessions with clients who you KNOW would benefit greatly from working with you longer but it also feels waaaaaay the heck outside your comfort zone.

You have all these exciting ideas for your offerings but you're struggling to set a clear, aligned goal and execute.

OR perhaps you HAVE dipped your toe in the venture of creating a course, program, or high-end service but it "crashed and burned" - now you're hesitant to try again.

The idea of building a sales funnel, an email list, an engaged audience, a facebook group, a program page like this one, or even a high-end course/program itself feels like base camp at Mt Everest.



Spirit is inviting you to leave the doubts of the mind behind and step boldly into your light leader identity.


Use your business as a vessel for delivering more of your magic to an awakening world!

Light in human hand in the dark,  miracl


In 90 days, you'll receive the ENTIRE intuitively-guided process to go from stuck + safe to inspired + PAID!


Everyone is entitled to their process an

Hey, cosmic soul!  I'm Chrissy. I'm a soul + business coach for lightworkers (i.e. tarot readers, astrologers, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and intutitives).  I help healers to come alive in their purpose and gain all the confidence, mindset tools, and business strategy needed to carry out their soul's work - - for a living!

After falling out of love with an online yoga business I was growing for about a year, I felt more lost than ever in my own soul's purpose.  I also felt stuck AF in a 'day job' that was stressful and unfulfilling.


I wanted a path forward that I could get super jazzed about.  I wanted to spend my precious time on this earth LOVING what I was doing, helping others, and building a lifestyle of financial freedom.

I've been through ALL the imaginable (and unimaginable) ups and downs associated with entrepreneurship and, with my soul guides never far away, I've discovered ways to overcome it all.  

This Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind will provide all you need to play BIGGER in your work as a healer. Guaranteed. I LOVE teaching lightworkers who have big hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!

I started this journey with Chrissy as a completely different person.

Pre-Chrissy Gina did have a plan. She was going to hide her face & her talents, because they made her dreadfully uncomfortable.  She probably would have come out of her cocoon. Probably not. I did have focus & a goal, but compared to having Chrissy on my team, I would have gotten there at a snail's pace.

When we had our first consultation call, I knew instantly that she was someone I wanted to work with and learn from.  Her spark and her joy for her work is infectious and shines through her aura & her smiles. She brings this crazy high vibe energy to everything that she does & it always left me, and continues to leave me, in complete awe and admiration of her.

When working with her, prepare to become uncomfortable. Prepare to realize the things that do not serve you.  Prepare to leave them. Prepare to do the work it requires to grow, as she DOES NOT do it for you, & she does not hold your hand like a toddler, something I appreciate...

...I do realize that she could not bring anything that did not already exist in me out, but it was like I was raw material and she' the skilled potter, molding me gently into who I am today.

I will always remember her & cherish her as someone that has aided immensely in my spiritual and business growth.

Do not let anything hold you back from this Beacon of Light.  If you perceive lack in your finances like how can I afford her?! ( and know that she is worth every penny and MORE ), simply ask your guides and your Higher Self for a way to be able to work with her. She is a commodity. She is my friend.

-Gina, Tarot Reader + Intuitive Spiritual Mentor



Being a lightworker for a living doesn't take rocket science.

It doesn't have to be difficult, take forever, or feel "salesy" either. What IS required is commitment, clarity, goal setting (and getting!), trust, passion, soulful marketing, creativity, and a willingness to try new things in order to see new results - - all things we'll be covering inside the Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind!

  • Highlighting + strengthening your BELIEFS and your leader IDENTITY which synchs you up to the results you desire

  • Crafting exciting new offers that ONLY YOU can sell to your audience and future clients who will be messaging you "YES! This is EXACTLY what I need right now!"

  • Experiencing what it's like to earn multiples of your current biggest month in sales

The thing is, my dear, each lightworker has their own secret sauce to success and fulfillment in life + business. LLM is the key to unlocking that cosmic power that already lies within and then activating your biggest, boldest dreams into physical reality!

money tarot.jpg

 Introducing. . . 

LUCRATIVE Lightworkers



A 3-month group mentorship for online spiritual business owners to dream up, create + sell unique high-end services that make BIG money while making a BIG impact on the world

Are you READY to create a THRIVING spiritual business?!

(I already can hear your Spirit Guides cheering you on!)

**Please note, as this is a high-support program, there are only a total of 7 spots available


The Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind is an immersive 3 month group soul + business coaching program (with private coaching available). Inside this Mastermind you, along with your new LLM soul family, will be building your new + improved spiritual empire from the ground up!

There's a reason why cookie-cutter marketing material and courses rarely work. There's SO much more to earning money that goes beyond logic and left-brain thinking. Money is a spiritual tool to for us to live and work in alignment with our highest good and the highest good of the collective. When we loop our hearts + souls into the mix, combined WITH the business approach it's a recipe for your BIGGEST dreams come true!

The foundations of this program dive into your long-term vision for your life + business. The best thing about entrepreneurship is that it's the most customizable work out there and YOU get to decide what lifestyle and lightwork fills your soul. This allows us to begin working backward and landing on the PERFECT new programs/services that your ideal clients are praying for (and will be excitedly paying for!!)

Speaking of ideal clients - - getting crystal quartz clear on who you are here to serve is an important, and often overlooked, foundational element of a highly-successful and sustainable business. In the beginning weeks of this Mastermind we will also be hitting the ground RUNNING with building an audience filled with people who love and need your work!

You will be learning how to EMBODY your badass light leader identity every single day (yes, even on the "off days"!) as you show up and provide value via social media and other platforms. This is essential in allowing the Universe to send all the blessings you desire in accordance with your business vision.

Are you beginning to see how all the cosmic puzzle pieces begin to fit together through this process?

Then comes the REALLY fun part... choosing and then crafting *every* aspect of your new offer(s) based on YOUR unique passions, spiritual gifts, life experiences, and intuitive abilities! I will be your guide through the entire process from divine download to sold out/fully booked!


The money mindset hacks and menu of scalable, customizable high-end offers that will create avenues for thousands of dollars to flow into your business regularly


The supportive family of cosmic souls who feel the deep desire to help facilitate healing, awakenings, and higher levels of consciousness during a time of mass ascension on this planet


The intuitively-lead framework and hands-on support within the LLM community page and regular group coaching calls

(1:1 opportunities available!)

This is your one-stop-shop! LLM will give you all the tools, support, and resources you'll need to expand into your next level

Just finished my first coaching call!! My rent for next month is paid for. I never thought I'd be able to do this & actually be abundant AF. Chrissy is amazing - I think about what we talked about on our call every day and I'm so thrilled for everything she's taught me and has yet to teach me.

I'm infinitely grateful that Chrissy showed up right when I really needed an extra push and some help grounding all my ideas into an achievable reality. I'll definitely be working her in the future. I can't recommend this gifted coach and healer enough!

Rowan, Starseed Guide + Coach, Reiki Master, Animal Communicator



This Mastermind is PERFECT for you if:

  • You believe your spiritual work is powerful + important but you aren't meeting your current goals for income or clients to serve

  • You have a big golden heart for your mission (passion is a MUST!)

  • You desire to make a living with your lightwork (go ahead and dream big, baby!)

  • You are coachable and open to new ways of thinking, being, doing, and achieving in your life + spiritual business

  • You are willing to trust not only my guidance but also your own intuition + the Universe's perfect divine timing

  • You are looking for a small, tight-knit community of likeminded spiritual entrepreneurs that will all rise to new heights together!

  • You will meet me half way and use what you learn in this Mastermind to align and take action in your business (which is the sweet spot of where results come the FASTEST!)


During the Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind you'll be breathing powerful new energy into your spiritual business and fast-tracking the results you've been dreaming of since day 1 as an entrepreneur!


**Please note, as this is a high-support program, there are only a total of 7 spots available

Coming into Chrissy's  spiritual entrepreneur intensive, I wasn't really sure what would come out of it but I know I was ready to take the next steps to get the ball rolling in my spiritual biz. The experience was INCREDIBLE.


Honestly, having a coach is great for accountability, but having an intuitive and intelligent coach like Chrissy was an absolute game-changer. I made so so so much progress that I would never have been able to achieve alone.


I came out of it more confident in my gifts, more respectful of my work ethic, more faith in the future of my business and so much gratitude for Chrissy's guidance and wisdom. I can't wait to work with Chrissy again - this was one of my absolute favourite investments I've made in this business and I have come out of it so empowered, and with a multitude of tools on my belt that will help me consciously grow and market my biz.

Nicole Rusli, Intuitive Coach + Tarot Reader



Getting excited?! Me too!! Still wondering how this is all going to go down though?


The Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind is a unique mentorship experience that includes regular group coaching calls, daily support (with me and the other cosmic LLM entrepreneurs!) inside a Facebook community, training tutorials for the techy stuff, as well as 1:1 coaching opportunities.


Here's a breakdown of what to expect each month (leaving some room for my guidance to flow intuitively each week of course!):


One of the biggest mistakes I made starting out as an entrepreneur in 2017 with an online yoga business was not placing enough focus onto the foundational work that's essential to creating and building a lucrative, sustainable, enjoyable business. After launching Chrissy Dee LLCI noticed INCREDIBLE differences in my ability to earn income once I put more energy into the ground work!


During the first month of LLM you will be:

  • Getting clear on your vision for your life and business so that we can work backwards from your goals all the way down to who you can BE and what you can DO each day to make forward progress toward said goals (or something even MORE magical of course!)

  • Building *cosmic* confidence in your spiritual giftsyou may be somewhat confident in your services and spiritual gifts but we’ll be kicking it up ten notches so you can fully EMBODY the value you bring as a spiritual entrepreneur (this energy is MAGNETIC to your ideal clients!)

  • Refining your *soulmate* client/program participant based on your NEW level of confidence; your ideal client should evolve along with your gained experience and confidence

  • Building an engaged community FULL of people who benefit greatly from your work (many of which will become paying soulmate clients!) + getting super visible (podcasts, lives, networking, consistency, etc)

  • Dipping your toe into creating your new services (divinely-guided brainstorming time!)

month 1


As spiritual entrepreneurs, I KNOW that you love to be creative and incorporate your passions into everything you offer in your business. That's right... you can create new high-end offers and not "give up" anything you love! (Example: incorporating your love of tarot into a 3 month spiritual mentorship package). Well, in month 2 we'll be illuminating your sacral chakra and creating your exciting new container for big magic + big money to flow easily into your business!


During the second month of LLM you will be:

  • Picking a new service/offer that’s enjoyable to create, unique to YOU, and in full alignment (I’m talkin’ FULL BODY YES) with the direction, speed, and Spirit of your business

  • Learning 'intuitive spiritual coaching/mentorship 101': leadership skills and how to confidently guide others through long-form transformation

  • Taking action on the fine details of crafting and completing those services (contracts, program sales pages, bookings, payments, length of time, the content itself - - branding, slides, recordings, etc) and MUCH more!

  • Focusing on being of high service FIRST and cultivating trust that the money and support flows in effortlessly as a spiritual side effect

month 2


I know exactly what results come from a doubtful mindset, misguided actions, and lack of spiritual connection. I ALSO know exactly what results come from following the spiritual sales process + getting loud and effing PROUD promoting my high-end services that fully transform my clients' lives. The final month of LLM will focus on all the mindset and marketing tools I've gained as an entrepreneur so you can also confidently sell out / book out your magic to those who need it most!


During the third month of LLM you will be:

  • Learning 'new programs/services launching 101' (promo, launch events, email marketing, social media marketing, etc)

  • HOLDING THE VISION + TRUSTING THE PROCESS (I know how terrifying and vulnerable a new program/service launch can be! This is all about holding your light, holding your confidence, sticking to your highest timeline and working *with* all the “mind monkeys” and “ego backlash”)

  • Being (and staying!) in the RECEIVING MODE with your new offers so the Universe can express-mail thousands of dollars your way as an energy exchange for your incredible work!

month 3

Chrissy changed my entire life. She transformed me. And I could never be more grateful for anything in my entire life.

I'm so grateful I stepped into this opportunity, I'm so grateful that I invested in myself and especially invested in Chrissy. Working with Chrissy was worth every penny! She helped me transform everything in my life.

We worked on some of my root issues and we did the healing and the inner work and then she helped me build my business. She helped me embody a new version of myself. I'm a completely different person than I was 4 months ago and she helped me get there.

Amanda Kluth, Reiki Master Healer, Tarot Reader, + Intuitive Coach




During your 3 months inside the Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind, you'll get:

Nine 90 minute group coaching sessions

(3 per month; valued at $2200)

This is where so much of the magic will happen, my dear! On each Zoom session you'll be receiving all the guidance you (and your badass new family of soon-to-be lucrative lightworkers!) need to build the strong AF foundations in your biz, to dream up, create, + sell your exciting new offers which will completely transform your money reality!

These calls will also be an opportunity for you to share breakthroughs and ask questions that you feel your fellow participants will benefit from.

Image by Christina @

An initial 75 minute private coaching call (*for anyone who signs up before Thursday, May 14 @ 10pm EST*)

(valued at $400)

This is a high-support Mastermind program. While we will working together as a group to support and learn from one another, I wanted to provide 1:1 opportunities as well so you can get dedicated time with me to talk face-t0-face on the specifics of YOUR unique dreams, goals, and business vision. This will be a kick-off call that I recommend you book with me ASAP so we can hit the ground running prior to the first group call!

This isn't just YOUR outcomes - it's OUR outcomes, and your success is my success. That's exactly why I'm going to be there guiding you, loving you, and supporting you every step of the way.

Three monthly 75 minute private coaching sessions (*see pricing options below*)

(valued at $1200)

1:1 sessions are not necessary to create radical positive change in your life + business through this Mastermind, but having direct access to me as your coach will allow us to dive DEEP in your unique personalized goals each month. You'll have my undivided attention as we work through any of YOUR specific doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, creative blocks, or tech issues that come come up as you stretch beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone.

I'm here in your corner to hold you to your HIGHEST Self, business, and timeline and there are no lightworkers left behind on my watch! As long as you meet me half way, your success is inevitable through the Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind!

Nine 'Soulwork' assignments to keep your transformation on track

(3 per month; valued at $500)

After each group Zoom session, I will be emailing out your Soulwork for the week!  This will include intuitively-guided mindset/energy work, action steps, and supplementary resources needed to stay on track toward our goals for this Mastermind!  


This helps with accountability and my clients have always benefitted greatly from having a 'to-do' of sorts to be responsible for.


Your success through this program is incredibly important to me!  Soulwork is an essential component to this container for magic ;)


Unlimited email support (+ Voxer voice/text messaging *for those who pay in full*)

(valued at $2200)

For me, LLM is about YOU getting the life-changing results, while making a life-changing impact on your future clients/customers with your new high-end offers. 


This means I wanted to open a channel for you to have personalized support from me whenever you need it!  So much can shift through even ONE email (and for those who pay in full) even a 5-minute voice conversation can be life-changing! Seriously!


This Mastermind will stretch you beyond your comfort zone and it's important for me to be there to offer exactly what you need to move through whatever resistance you encounter. Even if you just have a quick marketing question, I'm only an email or voice clip away!

Personalized review + feedback on all sales copy

(valued at $1800)

Writing effective copy (i.e. any written text on your marketing materials, website, etc) that is clear and MAGNETIC to your ideal audience/clients is a skill that you can learn once and it becomes the gift that keeps on giving in your biz!

It's one thing to know the value of your lightwork, it's a whole other ballgame to convey that value to prospective clients in a way that inspires them to buy from you and get the transformation they need!


Inside LLM, you'll get all the best-practices and templates for writing your sales copy and I will edit and provide you personalized feedback throughout the program.

Daily support in a members-only Facebook group + group chat

(valued at $1500)

Our Lucrative Lightworkers Mastermind private Facebook community and Voxer group chat is a place for you to ask me + your fellow lucrative lightworkers questions, have access to my mini training tutorials, and practice stretching yourself outside your comfort zone in a safe space where constructive feedback is encouraged.

We are ALL in this together in CREATION mode! Competition, who?! This is a place to learn, inspire one another, support one another, hold each other up, hold each other accountable, and celebrate the WINS! There's nothing quite like the power of a COLLECTIVE of empowered lightworkers with their souls on fire for their mission and you will be able to grow with each other as a soul family forever <3

Sunrise silhouette of 10 young women wal


over $9,800

There's SO much value packed into LLM but you'll be getting LUCRATIVE in just 3 months by investing a fraction of that.  See investment deets below!

LLL Investment

Your days of playing SMALL are over. Your days of feeling awkward + vulnerable promoting and selling your lightwork are over. Your days of not meeting your income goals are over. Are you READY to say YES to a whole new lifestyle and spiritual business?!


PAY IN FULL (with 1:1):

One payment of: $2497

*Get 3 months of unlimited Voxer app voice + text support when you pay in full!

**Due to this being a high-support program, there are a total of just

7 spots available.

Don't wait on saying YES to taking your biz into new levels of freedom, income, and service if you're feeling the call in your soul to join LLM

The Investment (group with 1:1 coaching)

**Prices listed in USD

PAYMENT PLAN (with 1:1):

3 monthly payments of: $888

*Billed every 30 days from the date of initial payment

**Due to this being a high-support program, there are a total of just

7 spots available.

Don't wait on saying YES to taking your biz into new levels of freedom, income, and service if you're feeling the call in your soul to join LLM

**Prices listed in USD

PAY IN FULL (group only):

One payment of: $1797

*Get 3 months of unlimited Voxer app voice + text support when you pay in full!

**Due to this being a high-support program, there are a total of just

7 spots available.

Don't wait on saying YES to taking your biz into new levels of freedom, income, and service if you're feeling the call in your soul to join LLM

The Investment (group coaching only)

**Prices listed in USD

PAYMENT PLAN (group only):

3 monthly payments of: $649

*Billed every 30 days from the date of initial payment

**Due to this being a high-support program, there are a total of just

7 spots available.

Don't wait on saying YES to taking your biz into new levels of freedom, income, and service if you're feeling the call in your soul to join LLM

**Prices listed in USD

WE BEGIN THE LUCRATIVE LIGHTWORKERS MASTERMIND ON MAY 25th! We will together as a group mutually decide what time the group coaching sessions will be held.

Want to chat first about joining the Mastermind? Book a complimentary consultation call below:

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