Lucrative Lightworkers


A 3 day framework to train your brain for soul-aligned success and create new high-end services that will propel your spiritual business into next-level influence + income

TUESDAY, MAY 5TH - THURSDAY, MAY 7TH @6PM EST. Have a cozy beverage + a notebook ready ;)

Can't make the live? No worries, the replays will be up following the live training each day.

Calling all tarot readers, astrologers, energy healers, spiritual life coaches, psychic mediums, + intuitives who are ready to serve + earn BIGGER in your spiritual business!

All the stars will align in just 3 days! Here's the breakdown:

day 1

EMBODYING high-level service + success

Building community + converting soul connections to dream clients

day 2

day 3

Creating, promoting, + selling your new signature offer

In this free livestream training, you'll learn:

  • My biggest mindset tips to replace your BS limiting beliefs + replace them with empowering ones that allow you to bring in the big bucks!

  • The Abundance Principle of the Universe + why you're not doing ANYONE any favors by charging what you think others will pay for your services

  • The most valuable mindset tool that will GUARANTEE your success as a spiritual entrepreneur

  • How to gain the crystal-quartz-clarity needed to manifest the right clients to serve in your biz (those soulmate clients who came here to fast-track their own growth by learning from Y-O-U)

  • The many ways to go BEYOND your here-and-there single session services and *package* all your unique passions + spiritual gifts to provide higher-level support in exchange for stable, scalable, higher-level income!

  • My biggest tips for selling your services straight from the soul with confidence and ease.

Allow me to be your guide:

I've supported more dream clients than I can count, paid down thousands in debt, and built an incredible audience who benefit every day from my work. I've created a path for my life, my business, and the world that illuminates my heart and soul every day. I can't WAIT to share what I've learned with you!

So many of us share a similar vision of doing our part facilitating healing in the world that has already begun a mass awakening period.  We want to see more people 'waking up', feeling supported, loving each other, enjoying stillness, speaking their Truth, understanding their spirituality, and manifesting the life of their dreams.  



We also desire to do what WE love... what sets our soul on fire… what gets us leaping out of bed in the morning… for a living.  That's right - making big money while making a big impact in the world.


We desire the freedom to travel, hold retreats, create successful online businesses that change thousands of lives, write books that capture the hearts of millions, pay off our debts, spoil our friends and family, buy that house we've been dreaming of, and donate BIG money to our favorite causes.



Spiritual entrepreneurship knows NO bounds and it’s just a matter of belief, passion, creativity, and commitment to make all these dreams come true!



Are you in? ;)

I see you, lightworker.

Certified soul & biz coach, cat lover, comfort zone ditcher...

Meet Your Teacher

Hey, cosmic soul!  I'm Chrissy.  I'm a soul + business coach for lightworkers (i.e. tarot readers, astrologers, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and intutitives).  I help healers to come alive in their purpose and gain all the confidence, mindset tools, and business strategy needed to carry out their soul's work - - for a living!

After falling out of love with an online yoga business I was growing for about a year, I felt more lost than ever in my own soul's purpose.  I also felt stuck AF in a 'day job' that was stressful and unfulfilling.


I wanted a path forward that I could get super jazzed about.  I wanted to spend my precious time on this earth LOVING what I was doing, helping others, and building a lifestyle of financial freedom.


I've been through ALL the imaginable (and unimaginable) ups and downs associated with entrepreneurship and, with my soul guides never far away, I've discovered ways to overcome it all.  

This Lucrative Lightworkers Livestream will inspire you to play BIGGER in your work as a healer. Guaranteed. I LOVE teaching lightworkers who have big hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!