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 MODULE 4 of Rich & Spiritual 

You can use effective, conscious marketing to be in high service to the world and create financial abundance!

You're a spiritual entrepreneur who desires to expand your biz and play bigger with the Universe, but the clients & money you desire seem to be eluding you... Well, you've come to the right place!

included in this module:

  • Learn the often-overlooked FIRST step to build a strong foundation for your lucrative and sustainable spiritual biz to be built upon

  • A powerful exercise that will lock in your confidence knowing that you have all the raw materials necessary to effectively market your services to those who need it most

  • How to build the trust needed for your audience to see YOU as the healer they want to buy from and learn from!

  • Why the power of your big, golden heart will magnetize your soulmate clients to the front door of your spiritual business... with E-A-S-E

  • Learn why the 'market' is NEVER too saturated for you and the bright, shiny light your business brings to the world!

  • Business brainstorm fuel! Different ways to make it easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for the Universe to send clients to serve (and money to take a bomb vacation, perhaps?) your way


I've discovered, after many years of spiritual awakenings, taking the metaphorical road less-traveled, and trying lots of different entrepreneurial adventures, what truly sets my heart and soul on fire... what gets me so jazzed to get to work every day!


I am here to inspire you to play BIGGER in your life as a lightworker. I'm that hype-queen-behind-the-scenes of your life and spiritual business keeping you on the path of success and fulfillment you desire as a spiritual entrepreneur!


WHY?  Because the world needs empowered lightworkers to work their magic and earn a living doing what their soul came here to do.


I LOVE working with lightworkers who have big ideas, big dreams, and big desires to elevate not only their experience as a human living a spiritual life, but also elevate the people they came here to serve.

Everyone is entitled to their process an

Hi! I'm Chrissy!

I didn't just magically land right into getting results from the get-go, though. Ohhhh, no. I personally know what it's like to feel unworthy, disempowered, lost, and in an energy of trying to force results in my soul coaching biz (which, I discovered, is the best way to push them away!)

So many of us lightworkers dream of doing what we love for a living... We want to create an abundant AF sustainable business providing our intuitive services to those in need.  This module will teach you the heart-centered marketing strategies to focus on in order to do just that!

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©copyright 2020 by CHRISSY DEE, LLC

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