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LIGHTWORKERS RISING: a Q&A-style podcast to support lightworkers, healers, and spiritual coaches to RISE & THRIVE bringing their soul’s work to this Awakening world!

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Welcome, beautiful lightworker! I’m so grateful you’ve landed here in this space. Whether you’re here to enjoy the latest episode, binge them all at once, or apply to be a guest, I can’t wait to share LIGHTWORKERS RISING with you!

My mission with this podcast is to:


1) Support my guests with one burning business question they have so they can overcome an obstacle that is preventing them from serving & earning at a greater level

2) Bring value (in the form of Chrissy-style intuitive business coaching!) to every viewer / listener who can relate with what my guests are struggling with and apply the guidance to their businesses

3) Give my guests a platform to share about their powerful spiritual gifts, passions, and services to they may expand their communities as well

You may be thinking to yourself, Chrissy, what exactly is a ‘Q&A-style’ podcast?


The magic behind LIGHTWORKERS RISING: Each episode of this podcast consists of a pre-recorded 20 minute coaching call with a guest who is looking for support with a specific business question they have as a spiritual entrepreneur.



And YES! A LOT can be shifted, overcome, activated, recoded, and strategized in just 20 minutes ;)

for listeners

Our first episodes will be live soon! I will be scheduling the first few guest sessions between May 6 - May 20 and the episodes will come out soon after.

for applicants

So you want to apply to be a guest and step into my coaching portal for 20 minutes? Amazing!!




It’s free to appear on LIGHTWORKERS RISING, of course! I really appreciate your time and I appreciate you sharing openly about your business with our listeners. That’s part of the value-exchange :) 


Please only apply if your business involves bringing spiritual guidance, tools, and gifts to the world. Examples include: intuitive life coaching, mediumship, astrology, tarot reading, energy healing, yoga, meditation, breathwork… you get the idea. This kind of work is what I feel called to help amplify through my business coaching.


I’m aiming to release weekly episodes so your episode may not go live until a couple weeks after we record it.


Your 20 minute coaching session will be recorded on Zoom. I’ll using the audio recording for podcast platforms and I may also be using video clips for Youtube and Instagram. But show up to the session in whatever way you’d like - - whether it’s a messy bun and plain white tee, freshly curled hair and a suit jacket, or anything in between. Just be you :)


To keep the integrity of my work with clients that invest in coaching with me, my intention is to keep the support I provide you here on this podcast very focused and scoped to ONE question / area of your business you’re looking for some guidance on. I can really pack a punch into 20 minutes so worry not - - you and our listeners will receive plenty of value - - but, that’s why my intention is to keep each episode scoped and on the shorter side.


You may only apply and appear on this podcast ONCE. This is so I can support as many lightworkers as possible with varying businesses and questions. This is also a way to honor my desire to provide free guidance as well as honor the clients that invest in my longer coaching sessions and packages.


Former clients are welcome! I understand that even after expanding through a coaching container with me, things come up! You’re an ever-evolving soul and entrepreneur so I’m happy to support you with this podcast even if you’ve received coaching from me in the past.


Here are some example questions that may be applicable to what you’re experiencing and looking for support with right now OR you may of course tweak them OR ask a question of your own. Please keep your questions as specific as possible!



  • “Chrissy, I’m experiencing a major client dry spell right now with my tarot readings! Business was pretty steady for the longest time and I can’t figure out why people aren’t booking with me anymore. Am I doing something wrong? Are people no longer interested in my services? Is it the Instagram algorithm? Would love your support!”


  • “I have a background in astrology but I've become really passionate about helping people navigate their spiritual awakenings / Saturn Return. I want to launch some coaching packages but I am terrified of promoting it! Every time I think about getting on camera and asking people to invest in working with me at this level I get the sweats. I’m hesitating and I keep pushing the launch date back but I know I need to just get out of my own way.”


  • “I’m newly certified as a reiki practitioner and although I felt really confident through my training, I can’t help but think I need more training and should have more experience before charging for my services even though I feel like I’m meant to earn a living this way.”

I can’t wait to review your application! If your application is accepted, I will be reaching out to you via email to schedule our call.

Everyone is entitled to their process an

meet your coach

I am an intuitive business mentor and empowerment activator for lightworkers and healers.  


I work specifically with intuitives, spiritual life coaches, tarot readers, energy / crystal healers, astrologers, and psychic mediums who have BIG hearts and BIG dreams expand into greater levels of service and income so they can do their soul's work for a living!

I started off my 'adult life' in an engineering career that, after just a few years, became stressful and unfulfilling. I began questioning almost everything in my life after my first spiritual awakening in 2015.

I'm most passionate about creating a life by my own design helping thousands of lightworkers become empowered and rise into their highest potential in life and business. This world NEEDS more empowered, successful lightworkers to support this phase of Awakening.


After becoming a certified spiritual mentor in September 2019, taking high-level business trainings, and with my soul guides never far away, I finally resigned from my 9-5 in September 2020 and went full time as a business mentor! TOTAL dream come-true. I now spend my days leading 1:1 sessions, group coaching sessions, masterclasses, and workshops that guide mission-driven spiritual entrepreneurs from all over the world how to get rich in their soul, their mission, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!

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