A 4-part mini course to help healers  build confidence, serve more clients, and  receive more money for their incredible work! 

Wonder what it would be like to live a life filled with light, love, adventure, purpose, and financial abundance?

You're a spiritual entrepreneur who desires to expand your biz and play bigger with the Universe, but you've been getting in your own way

from doubtful & "stuck" . . .

So many of us lightworkers dream of doing what we love for a living.  Working toward making a stable and abundant income in the process of providing our intuitive services to those in need.  But a life of soul-fulfillment and financial freedom feels SO far away...

  • You are a driven, passionate, spiritual entrepreneur who knows what having a positive business and money mindset can do for YOU and a world that's desperate for more light

  • You are READY to recognize your limiting beliefs for what they are and leave them in the dust as you race toward your big, bold dreams!

  • You have a HUGE heart and are becoming besties with your intuition with each passing day.

  • You desire new results for your biz (perhaps more clients to serve, more moolah in your bank account, and more joy and ease in the day-to-day) but you hesitate to pull the trigger on the actions that you know will help get you there!

  • You sometimes feel guilty in wanting more money and freedom for yourself.

  • You KNOW what it feels like to let your fears win and you're SO effing done with losing that inner battle.

  • Sound familiar??


  “Tomorrow / next week / next year I'll get to that.”

  “When will the clients start rolling in? I'm working so hard!”

  “Will I really be able to create a life & biz that allows for

    so much more joy & freedom?”

  “Maybe I’m not cut out to be an entrepreneur.”

  “What if this Law of Attraction stuff is horse-malarkey…”

  “Does the Universe really have my back, as promised??”

woman laying down wearing white V-neck t

to confident & abundant . . .

HEY, STAR ANGEL!  Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Feel rich in your bank account, rich in your self-worth, and rich in your mission!

  • REALLY start believing that you can do, be, have, and achieve ANYTHING you set your heart on as a co-creator with the Universe.​

  • Knowing BEYOND your fears and doubts that the Universe is more than willing to support your business and be your biggest cheerleader!

  • Build unshakeable cosmic confidence and start taking new inspired action from your new abundance mindset!

  • Start feeling REALLY frickin' good about the value of your lightwork and thus raise your prices/rates accordingly (and watch as your soulmate clients reflect your worth back to you and show up to gladly pay you!)

  • Step into a brand new version of you who knows your unique gifts will answer those clients' prayers.

Using the material in this mini-training I have:

  • Attracted short-term and long-term soulmate clients without even trying!

  • More than DOUBLED my 1:1 soul coaching rates and almost immediately signed on an amazing pay-in-full client

  • Decided that my success in changing the world, one empowered lightworker at a time, is INEVITABLE.

  • Facilitated massive mindset shifts, emotional trauma release, and major business breakthroughs for my clients.

  • Stepped into a new level of confidence in my mission that I've never felt before - EVER!

  • Leapt out of my comfort zone more times than I can count (even on a good "mental math" day!)

  • Organically grown a highly-engaged, amazing audience of beautiful souls on my fave social platform, Instagram.


Have you seen enough?

Are you ready to dive in to RICH & SPIRITUAL?


I've discovered, after many years of spiritual awakenings, taking the metaphorical road less-traveled, and trying lots of different entrepreneurial adventures, what truly sets my heart and soul on fire... what gets me so jazzed to get to work every day!


I am here to inspire you to play BIGGER in your life as a lightworker. I'm that hype-queen-behind-the-scenes of your life and spiritual business keeping you on the path of success and fulfillment you desire as a spiritual entrepreneur!


WHY?  Because the world needs empowered lightworkers to work their magic and earn a living doing what their soul came here to do.


I LOVE working with lightworkers who have big ideas, big dreams, and big desires to elevate not only their experience as a human living a spiritual life, but also elevate the people they came here to serve.

Everyone is entitled to their process an

Hi! I'm Chrissy!

I didn't just magically land right into getting results from the get-go, though. Ohhhh, no. I personally know what it's like to feel unworthy, disempowered, lost, and in an energy of trying to force results in my soul coaching biz (which, I discovered, is the best way to push them away!)



M1: The Power of Your Purpose

Recognizing the importance of your gifts and committing to your incredible work​

M2: Managing the Doubts & Fears

Fears are meant to help us learn and grow into our wildest dreams, not anchor us in our current circumstances​

M3: Building Cosmic Confidence

You create your outer reality based own your inner dialogue / who you are being!​​

M4: Marketing Your Lightwork

Getting your magic out of your head and into the hearts of your ideal clients

The confidence, abundance, and lifestyle you desire as a RICH & SPIRITUAL entrepreneur is already within you!


And this mini-course will coax that magic out of you! You'll learn at a high level my biggest tips, channeled guidance, and powerful reflection questions that have resulted in my biggest successes as an empowered spiritual business owner!





↳includes the mini-course PLUS a 60-minute private coaching session with Chrissy!



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