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Spiritual Business

A 90 Minute Energetic Activation

& Quantum Leap Training


Calling all tarot readers, astrologers, energy / crystal healers, psychic mediums, spiritual coaches + content creators who are ready to serve + earn BIGGER!

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elevate beyond your current business model into higher-levels of soulful service & life-changing income!


Have a cozy beverage + a notebook ready ;)

This masterclass has your name all over it if:

  • You have passion for what you do coming out of your ears! You love to serve your people and you feel grounded in your spiritual gifts

  • You’re pouring SO much of your time, energy, and love into your work but the compensation isn’t exactly in balance

  • You consider your business to be fragile: that any expansive changes to your business structure will end up being a mistake

  • You have perhaps dabbled in offering higher-level coaching packages or courses but ended up disappointed, frustrated, and thinking maybe it's not for you

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 SBB is for you if you desire:

  • The soulmate clients (who are so jazzed to work with you and send all their friends your way!)

  • The next-level income ($5k DAYS! Going full time! Paying your bills from your business bank account!)

  • The next-level results for your clients (imagine facilitating grand-scale transformation… an epic evolution of who they are rather than an ‘aha moment’ or two)

  • Embodying your ‘X Factor’ (your community actively seeking YOU out for support & sharing your content because you stand out)

  • The impact & engagement (hearing “OMG this is exactly what I needed today!” on a regular basis!)

  • The collaboration opportunities (feel uplifted and expand your community!)

What if I could show you how to breathe new life into your business?


What if your business could feel even more uniquely YOU such that it stands out amongst the crowd?


What if you could amplify the impact of your work x100 and enjoy the increased income to go along with it?

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  • Why your current business model is holding you back from the epic next-level results you AND your clients deserve​​

  • The breakdown of a BREAKTHROUGH (what it takes to create life-changing results fast!)​​

  • How to connect with and embody that 'Breakthrough YOU' who earns more income with ease​​ & joy

  • How to trust yourself and be empowered to take new aligned actions in order to create your new abundant lifestyle

During this Masterclass, you'll learn:

allow me to be your guide!

Since implementing the embodiment practices, success energetics, and intuitive business approach you'll learn inside this masterclass, I have:​


  • Earned $5,000 in a single day in my business and earned thousands more since opening my LLC


  • Invested over $22k in soul & business mentorship for my own growth


  • Paid off $7k in debt using income from my business


  • FINALLY resigned from my 6-figure 'day job' and now I'm a full-time spiritual entrepreneur (!!!!!)


  • More than *doubled* my introductory pricing & almost immediately signed on an amazing pay-in-full client(strengthened my money mindset!)


  • Organically grown a highly-engaged, amazing community on Instagram & other platforms (soul connections naturally evolving into soulmate clients!)

If you desire to have a BIGGER impact for your life, for your family, for your clients, and for the Collective, your business NEEDS more life energy (income, inspiration, time, space to create, the list goes on!).

Spiritual Business Breakthrough will be the kicking off point to a WHOLE new abundant chapter in your life as a Lightworker For A Living!

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Meet your teacher!

Chrissy is a certified intuitive business mentor for lightworkers and healers.  She works specifically with spiritual mentors, tarot readers, energy/crystal healers, astrologers, psychic mediums, and content creators to help them expand into greater levels of service and income so they can do their soul's work for a living!

She also feels most alive when she's spending time with family, traveling the world, star gazing, and having deep conversations with interesting people.

Chrissy started off in an engineering 'day job' that became stressful and unfulfilling after her first spiritual awakening. She was determined to create a life by her own design helping thousands of lightworkers become empowered and rise into their greatness.

Everyone is entitled to their process an

After becoming certified in September 2019 and moving through all the crazy ups and downs of life and entrepreneurship with her soul guides never far away, she finally resigned from her 9-5 in September 2020 and went full time as a thriving intuitive business mentor.

She now spends her days teaching mission-driven spiritual entrepreneurs who have big hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!


Chrissy offers 4-month 1:1 mentorship program for spiritual entrepreneurs, a 5-day spiritual business coaching intensive, and various value-packed masterclasses.


Doors are also open for her 3-month group business mentorship program, Lightworker For A Living: The Mastermind! Spots have already begun filling and we begin the week of 3/29!


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