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taking the leap


reignite your brave, ambitious, magnetic spirit to take big leaps of faith & be next-level supported on the other side!


Leaps of faith into the “unknown” are required to create the extraordinary life you came to live.

My dear Lightworker,



EVERYONE has the courage to take big, expansive, aligned actions that lead to the juiciest and most rewarding life and business experiences.

Self-sabotage, hesitation, and procrastination are surface level. Your courage runs DEEP.


This masterclass was designed

specifically for you to access that inner power and use it to create next-level magic on your highest and fastest timeline!

ᐁ Can you relate? 


It's getting more and more difficult to ignore your inner guidance to make big moves...






To step into the light and be seen for who you really are.



To serve & earn bigger doing the work that fills your soul!



You're beginning to question (and even resist!) the beliefs that have kept you where you are now:



"It’s not safe to go for it."



"Things are just fine how they are."



"It’s not the right time to make big moves."

Your mission is WAY bigger than these beliefs.

Image by Scott Webb


A live masterclass to reignite your brave, ambitious, magnetic spirit to take big leaps of faith & be next-level supported on the other side!

taking the leap

Diving into the deets! During this Masterclass, you'll learn:


  • How to finally release decision-fatigue & stop hesitating on making the BIG moves that will attract the BIG results

  • How to reframe your relationship with procrastination & self-sabotage such that it works FOR you rather than against

  • How to maintain an *equilibrium* of optimism, excitement, & trust through your leaps of faith & onto the other side of your glass ceiling

  • How to feel safe in the unknown - one of the biggest obstacles in the way of getting the ball rolling on more clients, income, & opportunities (and epic soul growth!)

Image by Shapelined

This masterclass is perfect for you if you're looking to take the leap and:

  • Start your spiritual business or brand, Youtube channel, etc

  • Offer a new service (spiritual mentorship, program, course, membership,  etc)

  • Reinvigorate & breathe new life into existing services

  • Go in a new direction with your passions & spiritual offerings

  • Invest in something stretchy (mentorship, certification, VA, support)

Why learn this from me?



Because I’ve taken "the leap" more times than I can count! At this point I'm a ‘leaping & trusting expert’ ;)



I’ve had lots of experience leaping into the unknown, not knowing what the future would hold, using my heart as my compass



And reaping the soul-growth and financial benefits of doing so!

I’m SO excited to share guidance on this topic through my own personal experiences and what channels through me from Spirit:



WHY it’s safe to trust the "unknown", how to initiate yourself into your next-level of service & success, and how to stay on your highest timeline for reaching your big dreams & beyond!

Yellow watercolor background, Art abstract yellow watercolor painting textured design on w

You’ll leave this masterclass READY - mind, body, and soul - to finally rise to your soul's full potential.

You'll be READY to embrace the power of the present moment to create the extraordinary life you came here to live.

You'll be READY to gift the world with not only the spiritual tools, practices, and guidance you came here share but also your leadership as a lightworker!

This 60+ minute training may very well be your launch pad to the next-level impact & success you’ve been dreaming of since day one.

My personal experiences

taking the leap:

  • Resigning from my six-figure engineering day job to pursue completely unrelated passions back in 2016

  • Going back to said day job in 2018 to accelerate repayment of my six-figure student loans (shame made this a difficult decision at the time)

  • Hiring my first business mentor while growing an online yoga / meditation tutorials membership

  • Pivoting into spiritual mentorship after I fell out of love with teaching yoga online

  • Investing BIG in a high-level 6-month coaching certification program

  • Starting Chrissy Dee LLC and getting it official on the books

  • Putting myself out there in big new ways on social media, sharing my Truth and promoting my transformational services

  • Signing on my very first 4-month mentorship client and navigating leadership

  • Continuing to invest in myself and my business via a meditation & breathwork certification and self-development courses, even when it didn’t make sense “on paper” to do so

  • Choosing to face “imposter syndrome” head-on and claim the value of my work in a deeper way by doubling my pricing after my first client

  • Signing on more high-level clients, compelling me to rise into yet another level of leadership

  • Resigning from my day job AGAIN in order to finally pursue full time spiritual entrepreneurship!

  • Investing five-figures in a high-level Mastermind to scale my business even further (more money than I’d ever invested up until this point!)

  • Through this entire journey nurturing the light leader within and confronting, healing, and shedding versions of myself who were holding me back from rising into my greater potential

Getting excited?! I know I am!


This is a recorded class so you have the freedom to watch it on your own time!


May I suggest? Have a cozy beverage + a notebook ready as you'll want to take notes ;)

You've got options, babe!

Masterclass Only ($22)

Masterclass Bundle ($74)


  • Taking the Leap masterclass

Mentorship & Masterclass Bundle ($277)


  • 45 minute 1:1 spiritual business mentorship session

  • Taking the Leap masterclass

& schedule your session!

Purchase Options

Meet your teacher!

Chrissy is a certified intuitive business mentor for lightworkers and healers.  She works specifically with spiritual mentors, tarot readers, energy/crystal healers, astrologers, psychic mediums, and content creators to help them expand into greater levels of service and income so they can do their soul's work for a living!

She also feels most alive when she's spending time with family, traveling the world, star gazing, and having deep conversations with interesting people.

Chrissy started off in an engineering 'day job' that became stressful and unfulfilling after her first spiritual awakening in 2015. She was determined to create an abundant (in many ways) life by helping thousands of lightworkers become empowered and rise into their greatness.


After becoming certified in September 2019 and moving through all the crazy ups and downs of life and entrepreneurship with her soul guides never far away, she finally resigned from her 9-5 in September 2020 and went full time as a thriving intuitive business mentor.

She now spends her days teaching mission-driven spiritual entrepreneurs who have big hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all! ;)


Chrissy offers various 1:1 Spiritual Business Awakening mentorship containers for lightworkers (apply HERE), a 5-day spiritual business coaching intensive, and various value-packed masterclasses.


Doors will be open soon for her 3-month group business school, Lightworkers Mentorship Academy! We begin in November!


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