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If you've got a divine message to share,

I help you shine it up, own it, and create more

IMPACT & income with it!

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Cat lover, world traveler, comfort zone ditcher, and  certified Soul Coach for Lightworkers.  It's my mission to elevate you to your highest, most self-assured and exhilarated Self who  TRUSTS that anything is possible for your life!  I know what it takes to get your dreams off the ground and that includes a whole lot of cosmic confidence - something that's in no short supply when you work with me one-on-one.


  Hi, my dear!  

          I'm Chrissy.

Tarot Readers   /   Channelers  /   Energy Healers  /   Intuitives  /   Creatives  /   Spiritual Coaches  /  Yoga & Meditation Instructors  /   Mediums

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"I have gained so much and I have made humongous  quantum leaps in my life. So much has changed and I just feel the momentum. She has given me the tools necessary to light a fire under me!"

Amanda Kluth
Soul Coach