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A course for single-session healers and mystics to successfully transition into offering deeply transformational, fulfilling, and lucrative coaching, courses, and programs.





Discover and enjoy a whole new reality Beyond the Reading by launching exciting new offers that hold space for more reflection, healing, encouragement, accountability, integration, and life transformation for your clients… and more income, balance, and sustainability for you!




crystal healing


tarot reading




energy healing



Take your existing skills and passions to a whole new level of service and success:

+ any other spiritual tools to facilitate more consciousness, awareness, self-actualization, and community in this world!

This comprehensive course will support you to grow a thriving business built primarily on:​

mentorship packages


training programs


+ any combination of the above!


For many of your clients, purchasing a reading from you opens a portal of possibilities, growth, and change for them (which is beautiful and valuable in its own way!) but it’s oftentimes just the beginning of a new chapter in their story.


Beyond the Reading will give you the mindset support and practical business tools you need to continue the journey with your clients, guiding them through the inevitable challenges, resistance, and fear that comes along with big transformation!

...Oh! And! You get to flourish financially doing so!


When you sign up for this course, you sign up for :

💗 deeper client transformations 💗

🗓️ better work schedule 🗓️

💸 bigger bank transfers 💸

What's available for you to claim during and after Beyond the Reading:

  • Finally create exciting breakthroughs such as:

    • Your first 1-3 clients in your new 1:1 mentorship

    • Your first 3-10 into your new high-level group program

    • Your first 10-20 students inside your new course, academy, or certification

(Note: you’ll be focusing mostly on one big new offer during BTR)



  • Regularly earn hundreds and thousands of dollars as an equal-value-exchange rather than $30 here, $75 there, maybe $200 once in a literal blue moon (I see you, natal chart readers!)

  • More predictable, scalable income to support your transition to go full-time in your business

  • Experience the unparalleled joy and satisfaction of supporting your clients in much deeper, more substantial ways than what’s possible in a single reading or two

  • Teach other mystics in your community how to understand, master, and utilize the skills and abilities you’ve honed (that you’re wildly passionate about sharing)

  • Create more availability for loved ones, projects / hobbies, and personal wellness without sacrificing your income (in fact, it gets to grow!)

Image by Amelia Bartlett

What else will this course help you to do?

Finally build the time and energy spaciousness in your business schedule to:

  • Dream up and follow through on new ideas

  • Launch new offers you’re jazzed about

  • Create promotional content that actually feels fun

  • Make the website improvements that have been on your to-do list for 6 months

  • Create aligned supplementary marketing channels like email lists or a podcast

  • Finally address those unanswered DMs and connect more with your community

  • Learn new business tools, platforms, and techniques that interest you

… And anything else you’ve been putting off lately!

Hello, by the way! If you don’t know me already, I’m Chrissy Dee.


I’ll be your guide as you transition your business Beyond the Reading! 

I am a former systems engineer turned intuitive business coach. What a shift… I know! After two major spiritual awakenings in my life, I became fascinated by all things personal and spiritual development, including getting YTT certified in Costa Rica! I also became more and more comfortable following my heart and intuition, even when the guidance didn’t make sense “on paper” and felt risky AF.


This led me on a soul-stretching adventure of my own empowerment and growth… and soon enough I was introduced to coaching (when I hired someone to help me grow my yoga business at the time) and I knew it would become a life-long passion and profession for myself as well. 💖


I started my coaching business Chrissy Dee LLC in July 2019 and, after four months of supporting my first client to gain clarity, feel empowered, and even sign on her own first big client as a spiritual life coach, I was positively HOOKED!


A very long long loooong story short, I’ve been running my business full-time since September 2020 helping lightworkers and mystics like YOU to build a thriving career bringing your spiritual passions, practices, guidance, and tools to this awakening world.


And (one of) the most enjoyable and sustainable ways for yourself, your business, and your community to thrive is through coaching / mentoring / guiding and/or teaching!

This is where Beyond the Reading comes in! 😉

BTR has your name written all over it if:

  • You’re super passionate about your spiritual work and how it blesses people

  • You’re brand new to coaching / teaching or have only dabbled without fully committing

  • You feel a spark of excitement and readiness to take this next step for yourself, your business, and your clients!

  • You’re exceptional at helping your clients with empowerment and clarity, but it’s something you struggle with for yourself and especially your business

  • You are regularly supporting clients in your single sessions (3+ bookings per week)

  • You book a lot of return / repeat clients

  • Your clients often ask lots of follow up questions

  • You regularly go over your set session time because there’s so damn much to talk about!

  • You’re feeling burnt out or you’re feeling jaded by your single sessions… that spark you used to feel about every booking has faded

(PS: you don’t have to give up your single-sessions entirely if you don’t want to! But you are open to them taking a backseat so you can focus on expanding your offerings.)

course breakdown

Make no mistake. You are already equipped with the raw skills and expertise you need to bless your clients (and your business bank account!) in much bigger ways. Now it’s just a matter of hyping yo’self UP and organizing, planning, and following through on this epic new phase of your business!


module 1: mindset & business prep

You’d be surprised how sneaky ego-sabotage can be when you set your heart on an exciting, abundant new chapter in your business… Yes, even for those as ‘tapped in’ as you are!


If you want to shift your business into coaching / teaching, you first have to take some time to nourish a new mindset (especially your self-identity!). It’s also wildly important to make some initial tweaks to your current business structure and schedule in order to create space for what’s next.

In module 1, you will:


  • Prepare your mindset for the change

    • Embrace change as a positive (releasing any “house of cards” limiting beliefs)

    • Feel anchored into your new role as coach / teacher from the inside outward!

    • Overcome imposter syndrome and releasing perfectionism

    • Gain crystal-quartz clarity about who and what you’re most excited and equipped to support moving forward

    • Build a new morning / evening routine focused on a smooth and successful transition

    • Keep ego-sabotage at bay and stay accountable to your progress

  • Prepare your schedule for the change

    • Step away from (or drastically reduce) your single-sessions without feeling like you’re leaving anyone behind

    • Optimize your existing schedule until your new offer is ready

    • Prioritize time for brainstorming, creating, and promoting an exciting new offer (in the upcoming modules!)

*Note: if you choose the Beyond the Reading Coaching Intensive option, you will have access to four 45-min 1:1 coaching sessions with Chrissy (one for each module!). You will receive direct support in module 1 to anchor into confidence in your new role and set up a supportive transitional schedule.


korina pic.png

" I officially launched my coaching business while working with Chrissy! It was so helpful having her support and guidance during our time together.


We worked on the fine details of my coaching packages as well as ways to prioritize work-life balance, which I'm so grateful for!


I'm celebrating my first mentorship client and 2 more start in the next 2 weeks! I also know there will be many more lives to support as I continue my journey as an intuitive empowerment coach. "

Korina Martinez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Astrologist, & Psychic

investment options


[Including payment plan options!]

Beyond the Reading Coaching Intensive upgrade is also available

(includes four 45-min 1:1 coaching calls with Chrissy, one for each module!)

COURSE + COACHING (payment plan)

Three monthly payments of: $316 

(Includes a 45 minute 1:1 coaching session for each of the 4 modules)


One payment of: $888

(Includes a 45 minute 1:1 coaching session for each of the 4 modules)

COURSE ONLY (payment plan)

Three monthly payments of: $89


One payment of: $250

Image by Jeremy Thomas

final steps


Successful payment will send you directly to the course platform. If you choose to include 1:1 coaching with your purchase, you will have the ability to schedule your first 1:1 session immediately.

If you have any questions, shoot Chrissy an email!

©copyright 2023 by CHRISSY DEE, LLC

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