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cosmic copywriting


Words matter! But more importantly, the energy behind your words matter.

Copywriting is no doubt one of the most important skills you can develop as an entrepreneur…


Especially as a spiritual entrepreneur.


It can be the difference between making deep soul connections and earning a living with your lightwork - or not!


Our lives here on this great soul school called Earth are all about learning and growing together.


It’s why we as lightworkers feel compelled to share our wisdom, experiences, and spiritual gifts with others.


It’s about communication.


Our communication is a key factor in our ability to rise together into greater levels of consciousness and peace as a collective.

What we share with the world (and HOW we share) is so important to our mission as lightworkers.

But sometimes we fall short of effectively translating our unique and authentic magic into words - and that often contributes to adverse consequences like

  • No signups for your program

  • Little or no engagement on posts

  • Less serving your people and more stressing

We’ve all experienced disappointment like this as entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be your normal! Remember that things can shift in an instant and sometimes all it takes is learning a new skill and gaining some empowerment - which happens to be exactly what this guide is for!

In this 25 page guide, you'll learn:

  • Cosmic Copywriting preparation - - how you can infuse light-energy into your words to captivate and inspire your readers (so freakin' important!)

  • Reflection questions to align your energy and purpose before writing, ensuring every piece of content you share has meaning and impact

  • General copywriting do's and don'ts to ELEVATE your authentic voice

  • My biggest copywriting tips for promotion! We can't help our people if they aren't inspired to work with us. How you promote your magic could leave your potential clients/customers feeling 'meh' about your offers OR excitedly buying from you to get the support they need!


  • Some fun extra copywriting-related guidance

Cosmic Copywriting Sign Up

It’s one thing for YOU to understand the power of your products, services, and programs but it’s a WHOLE other beast to meaningfully translate it to your ideal clients/students so they are inspired to learn from you and purchase your cosmic creations!


Meet Your Teacher

Certified soul & business coach, ex 9-5er, stargazer, comfort zone ditcher

Hey, cosmic soul!  I'm Chrissy.  I'm an intuitive soul and business coach.  I help healers to come alive in their purpose and gain all the confidence, mindset tools, and business strategy needed to carry out their soul's work - - for a living!

After falling out of love with an online yoga business I was growing for about a year, I felt more lost than ever in my own soul's purpose.  I also felt stuck AF in a 'day job' that was stressful and unfulfilling.

I wanted a path forward that I could get super jazzed about.


I wanted to spend my precious time on this earth helping others and building a lifestyle that lights up my heart and soul.

Not long after one of my lowest points, I fell in love with intuitive coaching and got certified! I've been through ALL the imaginable (and unimaginable) ups and downs of life & entrepreneurship and, with my soul guides never far away, I've discovered ways to overcome it all and trust the expansion process when the going gets tough.  

This Cosmic Copywriting guide will transform how you connect (heart-to-heart) with your audience and sell your offers. Guaranteed. I LOVE teaching people who have golden hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!


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