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with chrissy dee


business awakening mentor for healers, spiritual coaches, astrologers, & intuitives


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90 min 1:1 coaching intensives

Re-ignite your innate passion, confidence, & motivation as a spiritual business owner when you feel “off track” / lost & you’ve put your big dreams on the back-burner

Refine your big ideas, make empowered & aligned decisions, and create a clear, exciting, actionable path forward toward your next business breakthrough

Set yourself up for a fun & successful upcoming launch OR turn your current frustrating/uninspired launch around 180° with mindset support & launch strategy

Give your pricing a major upgrade, own it with confidence, & attract the many people who are eager to invest *whatever* you choose to charge for your powerful work!

1:1 coaching programs

A 4 or 6 month high-level 1:1 program for healers, astrologers, mediums, and spiritual coaches / guides to create your next-level impactful, soul-fulfilling, prosperous business bringing your magic to this awakening world!

instant-access diy programs

Write more powerfully & authentically, touch more hearts, & make more sales! Learn about copywriting prep, energetics, "best practices" for sales copy, & more

A 90 minute energetic activation & quantum leap training to elevate beyond your current business model into higher levels of service & life-changing income


**NOT a coaching call or a sales call. Simply getting to know each other better!

Do you receive value from my content here on IG? You can multiply that value x10 when you work with me inside my business coaching coaching containers! Jump on a call with me to explore your options.

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