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intuitive business guide for spiritual coaches & teachers, healers, astrologers, mystics & mediums


A course for single-session healers and mystics to successfully transition into offering deeply transformational, fulfilling, and lucrative coaching, courses, and programs! [1:1 coaching also available!]

Apply for a free 60 minute 1:1 business coaching sesh! Receive personalized guidance to create a breakthrough in your client connections and income. (Temporarily open only to those who are actively seeking extended mentorship.)

[webage under construction; click ☝️ for an info sheet!]

A high-level 1:1 mentorship to create your next-level impactful, soul-fulfilling, prosperous mystical business -- designed to meet you where you're at now and reach new heights of service and success in 4 or 6 months!

instant-access diy programs

A 2+ hour masterclass to inspire more sales and bless more clients by embodying phoenix energy during your launches and promoting your spiritual services more authentically, confidently, and effectively!

Write more powerfully & authentically, touch more hearts, & make more sales! Learn about copywriting prep, energetics, "best practices" for sales copy, & more

90 min 1:1 coaching intensives

Re-ignite your passion, confidence, motivation, and results as a spiritual business owner when you feel “off track” / lost and you’ve put your big dreams on the back-burner.

Refine your big ideas, make empowered and aligned decisions, and create a clear, exciting, actionable path forward on a supportive and lucrative new offer.

Set yourself up for a fun and successful upcoming launch OR turn your current frustrating/uninspired launch around 180° with mindset support and personalized launch strategy.

Give your pricing a major upgrade, own it with confidence, and attract the many people who are excited to invest *whatever* you choose to charge as a value-exchange for your powerful work!

1:1 coaching

A 60 minute 1:1 workshop to inspire more sales in your mystical business like magick through authentic, empowered, and effective verbal promotion!

*Visit the featured section at the top of this page for extended 1:1 mentorship!*



Create full-time income with your full-heart spiritual passions! Enroll alongside a small soul family of fellow healers, intuitives, mystics, and spiritual coaches to heal, transform, and break through to greater levels of service and success... together!


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