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 A 2+ hour masterclass to inspire more sales & bless more clients by embodying phoenix energy & promoting your spiritual services more effectively!

First things first! I actually don’t believe there is such a thing as a “failed” launch (which is why those quotation marks are very intentional!)…


But I know it can certainly feel like it.


If you’re a lightworker who is currently (or soon-to-be) promoting 1:1 or group spiritual coaching packages, courses, content, healing sessions, tarot or astrology readings, spiritual retreats, memberships, certifications, trainings, etc…

Then your soul team has guided you here for a reason.  ;)

Abstract Background


We are in a new age of lightworkers  rising so the entire Collective may rise too.

It’s time to use past disappointments to fan the flame of present and future abundance.

You’re ready to alchemize your biggest “failures” into your biggest successes.

Some examples of what you’re claiming when you join

Sales Phoenix:


  • Finally blast through your client “dry spell”

  • Receive your first client (of many!) inside your brand new service

  • Sell out your weekly readings, events, 1:1 program, group programs, courses, etc

  • Connect with amazing soul-match clients who show up fully for your offer

  • Feel more clear, confident, and in your power every time you promote your work

  • Inspire sales rather than feeling like you’re pushing sales

  • Earn thousands in a single launch or promo period all while making this awakening world a better place (as corny as that sounds, I’m HERE FOR IT… are you?)

money tarot_edited.jpg

Listen, I understand how challenging it can be to “sell” as a lightworker.


You may find yourself getting super jazzed, feeding energy into your upper chakras and spending lots of time daydreaming, getting inspired, receiving downloads, and creating sacred offers to SHAKE this awakening world into a positive new paradigm…


But when it comes time to finally bring this magic down to Earth, through your lower chakras, actually offer it to people and make MONEY…


(You know, the thing that pays the bills, allows you to live more fully-expressed, and makes it possible to support people doing what you love FULL TIME.)

It feels overwhelming AF and you do the bare minimum to promote your work, hoping people will always take the initiative and reach out to you.


OR, perhaps you don’t hesitate to market your magic but for some reason the message just doesn’t seem to be landing with your peeps.


Either way, the results you desire just aren’t coming.

The thing is… There are aspects of launching that will come naturally to you and there are aspects that you will need to learn (just as every entrepreneur does) the hard way or the easy way.

I’m all about making launching and selling easier (and more FUN) for you!

If you don’t know me already I’m Chrissy Dee!


I started my coaching business in July 2019 and I’ve been running it full time since September 2020. I started out as an empowerment coach but now, after gaining tons of experience and hiring business coaches of my own, I provide my own “special sauce” coaching for lightworkers in business!

Belieeeeeve me… I’ve ridden ALL the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship roller coaster over the years. Yup, that includes all the loop-the-loops too! I’ve had $0 launches, $9k launches, and everything in between. I’ve been booked out with the most incredible clients and I’ve had periods of time with no clients. I’ve launched freebies, workshops, classes, courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, virtual retreats, and more.


Each time I’ve launched an offer in my business, I’ve learned valuable-as-gold lessons that have allowed me to continue doing what I love most for a living!


One of the best parts of my “job” is passing on the wisdom I’ve gained over the years to my fellow lightworkers like you so your journey to the greater impact and success you desire becomes faster, easier, and more enjoyable.


This is where Sales Phoenix swoops in!  ;)


phoenix purple_edited_edited.jpg

During your time inside Sales Phoenix, you will learn how to:


  • Embody the powerful, resilient, enduring essence of the phoenix during your launches

  • Release ego attachment to launch results (especially in the first few days) thus calling in the results you desire faster and easier!

  • Feel more motivated (and, dare I say, EXCITED!) to promote your offers

  • Master the three keys of marketing: clarity, communication, and confidence

  • Structure and write a powerful, soul-expressed, and effective sales webpage

  • Create inspired, intentional, and relevant promotional content

  • Speak directly to your ideal clients so they know your offer is perfect for them

Sales Phoenix has your name written all over it if:


  • You’re a lightworker, healer, reader, intuitive, medium, spiritual teacher / coach, or yoga instructor who runs a heart-centered online business

  • Promoting your offers feels  s.t.r.e.t.c.h.y,  if not downright scary! The ghosts of launches past have left you afraid of rejection and disappointment

  • You can acknowledge that you’ve been promoting the same way for a long time and your methods aren’t meeting your highest potential

  • You’re grateful for what you’ve created in your business thusfar but you’re now feeling called to multiply the blessings

  • You don’t fully give up on your launches but you tend to “check out” emotionally (and with your actions) after a certain point

  • Sales means more to you than just making money; what you give is just as important to you as what you receive!  ;)

Many of my clients over the years have said they wish they could just wave a magic wand to skip the boring, frustrating “marketing stuff” and get right down to business: getting paid and helping people inside their offers.


OMG do I understand that! But the thing is, business doesn’t work that way. You can’t put zero / minimal effort into connecting with people and putting your offers “out there” and expect everyone to show up at your door. Your relationship with your clients is like any other. It’s a two-way street.

I promise you, doing the “marketing stuff” doesn’t have to be boring, frustrating, or a chore. Sales Phoenix will help you feel empowered marketing your magic so YOU, your business, and your soon-to-be clients can thrive at a whole new level!

Sign Up


Sales Phoenix is a 2+ hour masterclass broken into two parts:

Part 1:

Phoenix Lore & Embodying Phoenix Energy in Business

Part 2:

Mastering the 3 C’s of Empowered, Successful Launching


This masterclass was recorded live but you will receive instant access to the replay links and the slide deck PDF via an automated email when you purchase below! If you have any trouble accessing the masterclass after your purchase, please email Enjoy!!

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Start an abundant new chapter in your biz!

Purchase your Sales Phoenix masterclass below for $88.


Thank you for purchasing Sales Phoenix - I know you'll love it! On its way to your inbox right now is an email containing the replay links (part 1 and part 2) as well as the slide PDF link. If you don't see this email within 10 minutes, check your spam/promo folder. If you still have issues, email

This awakening world needs as many empowered, heart-centered, successful lightworkers as possible! Together we rise!


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