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Hey, cosmic soul!  I'm Chrissy.  I'm a soul + business coach for lightworkers (i.e. tarot readers, astrologers, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and intutitives).  I help healers to come alive their purpose and gain all the confidence, mindset tools, and business strategy needed to carry out their soul's work - - for a living!

After falling out of love with an online yoga business I was growing for about a year, I felt more lost than ever in my own soul's purpose.  I also felt stuck AF in a 'day job' that was stressful and unfulfilling.


I wanted a path forward that I could get super jazzed about. I wanted to spend my precious time on this earth LOVING what I was doing, helping others, and building the lifestyle of my dreams.

And of course, right in perfect divine timing, in early 2019 I found my calling and fell deeply and madly in love with intuitive coaching. I spent six months getting certified as a Soul Mastery Coach and before even graduating I signed on my very first 4 month soul + business coaching client.


I was finally earning great money doing what I knew my soul came here to do. From then on, the impact and income in my business has only grown and gained momentum!

Everyone is entitled to their process an

I've been through ALL the imaginable (and unimaginable) ups and downs associated with entrepreneurship and, with my soul guides never far away, I've discovered ways to overcome it all.  


My work will inspire you to play BIGGER in your work as a healer. Guaranteed. I LOVE teaching lightworkers who have big hearts and big dreams how to get rich in their soul, their purpose, and their bank account - because we truly get to have it all!


I know what it's like to feel lost, unsupported, and afraid of failing.

But I also know you're worth all the stars in the sky.

And it's a big-ass sky!

Let's connect and talk about your big dreams!


 Find me on Instagram! 

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