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Welcome, beautiful lightworker!

If you're a tarot reader, astrologer, energy/crystal healer, psychic medium, spiritual coach or content creator who has your full-heart in your business  but you're currently making part-time income... you're in the right place at the right time because doors to round 4 of Lightworker For A Living are OPEN!


>>> Peek behind the curtains of the Spring 2022 round of Lightworker For A Living with this compilation video of *some* of the best and most transformational moments <3

(Published with my clients' blessing and permission).

with clients from previous rounds

Sarah Janik

Round 2 LFAL client

Psychic medium


Angela Morris

Round 3 LFAL client

Spiritual coach & social media manager for lightworkers






crystal healing


tarot reading




energy healing



+ any other spiritual tools to facilitate more consciousness, awareness, self-actualization, and community in this world!

This group mastermind will support YOU, the lightworkers, healers, and intuitives of the world, to grow a thriving, sustainable business built primarily on high-level:​

mentorship packages


training programs


events / retreats

+ any combination of the above!

Take your existing skills and passions to a whole new level of service and success:


If you have the desire to be a full-time professional lightworker (don’t you just love how that sounds?!) it is abso-freakin'-lutely available for you to claim.


There's NO reason you can't do what you love most for a living! And it doesn't have to take years either.

What's available to you within 12 OR 24 WEEKS of soul e.x.p.a.n.s.i.o.n  and personalized business support:

  • Drastically scale back your hours OR finally quit your unfulfilling day job and go full-time in your dream job as a spiritual entrepreneur (!!!!)



  • Confidently promote and sell your deeply transformational programs, services, courses, etc that regularly usher thousands of dollars into your business bank account

  • Facilitate grand-scale transformation for your clients - an epic evolution of who they are and an entirely different reality for themselves!

  • Pay down debts, travel, spoil your loved ones, donate to causes you're passionate about and be a shining example to others what it's like to embody abundance​ and live a deeply purposeful life

  • Feel yourself coming alive with new creative ideas, divine downloads, and heightened spiritual abilities… as well as an ease in authentic copywriting and content creation you’ve never experienced before

  • Leave this mastermind with a lifelong soul family of likeminded lightworkers, having celebrated next-level financial breakthroughs together, with your pockets full of new mindset tools, intuitive business strategies, and energetic practices to continue into even greater levels of impact and success with each passing year! To the stars!!

Image by Amelia Bartlett

make your lightwork

your livelihood !

Lightworker For A Living is centered around one big, bold, beautiful vision:


Everyone inside this program receives high-impact, personalized soul and business coaching in order to create full-time income with their full-time spiritual passions.

Whatever “full-time income” means for you in your business, know that it’s not only possible… it’s inevitable!


This mastermind was created using my expertise, my experiences in business, and my unique gifts as an intuitive to support you and your fellow lightworkers with crystallizing this powerful vision into solid reality!

This awakening world is in need of as many empowered, heart-forward, successful lightworkers as possible.


It's time to take your career as a spiritual entrepreneur more seriously (don't worry, it gets to be fun!). So... put on your crystal crown and let's get to work!




spiritual desk_edited.jpg

Lightworker For A Living is a live group business coaching mastermind to serve and earn BIGGER in your spiritual business... I'm here to help you receive the kind of income that pays your bills (PLUS overflow!) all while making this world a brighter, more conscious place.

There are two options to join: the 12 weeks option and the 24 weeks option which includes 1:1 support. These options are described in more detail further down on this webpage!

This program is very intuitively-lead and very live-coaching based. This means I work with the angels, masters, and cosmic beings of my soul team to guide me with topics to support your business growth. I also save plenty of time for live workshopping and answering all your burning business questions! It's the best of both worlds  ; )

And to sweeten the already sweet-as-pie deal, I will be leading regular workshops within the group sessions as well on topics like clarifying your ideal client, fine-tuning your offers, and upgrading your pricing.

LFAL is designed to meet you exactly where you're at right now in your business whether you're just starting out or you are looking to expand upon the success you've built over a few years.

I'm very intentional about the balance and harmoniousness of the lightworkers within each group I launch, so the personalized guidance shared with each client almost always benefits the entire group.

Also, I'm all about providing the deepest support possible within this group coaching experience. That said, there will be two subgroups of four (or less) for the live Zoom calls! There will be a morning session and an evening session available. First come, first served! Once a session fills with four lightworkers, I'm closing the subgroup. If round 4 fills to capacity, there will be 8 total and you'll all get to meet each other and bond inside the group forum!

If you don’t know me already I’m Chrissy Dee!


I started my coaching business in July 2019 and I’ve been running it full time since September 2020. I started out as an empowerment coach but now, after gaining tons of experience and hiring business coaches of my own, I provide my own “special sauce” coaching for lightworkers in business!

Belieeeeeve me… I’ve ridden ALL the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship roller coaster over the years. I’ve had $0 launches, $9k launches, and everything in between. I’ve been booked out with the most incredible clients and I’ve had periods of time with no clients. I’ve launched freebies, workshops, classes, courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, virtual retreats, and more.


Each time I’ve launched an offer in my business, I’ve learned valuable-as-gold lessons that have allowed me to continue doing what I love most for a living!


One of the best parts of my “job” is passing on the wisdom I’ve gained over the years to my clients inside Lightworker For A Living so your journey to the greater impact and success you desire becomes faster, easier, and more enjoyable.



client testimonialS

korina pic.png

" I officially launched my coaching business while working with Chrissy! It was so helpful having her support and guidance during our time together.


We worked on the fine details of my coaching packages as well as ways to prioritize work-life balance, which I'm so grateful for!


I'm celebrating my first mentorship client and 2 more start in the next 2 weeks! I also know there will be many more lives to support as I continue my journey as an intuitive empowerment coach. "

Korina Martinez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Astrologist, & Psychic

This mastermind sets a new standard for spiritually-grounded entrepreneurship...

Success in business as a side effect of authentic living, expression, and heart-centered service

Reaching goals by following the FUN

Unfiltered, purposeful communication

Inner peace with all outer circumstances and results

Sharing content from the heart and intuition rather than mental gymnastics, overthinking, or appeasing an "almighty algorithm"

Consistency from inspiration rather than obligation

Trust in divine timing and embracing natural energy cycles without FOMO


getting excited ?  me too !

Inside LFAL you will accelerate your success timeline by having direct support to:

Connect with new people to support AND your soon-to-be clients in the most easeful, magical ways!

Harness BOTH divine feminine magnetism and divine masculine action-taking in your business

Dissolve hesitation and idea overwhelm by making empowered, aligned decisions that lead to your abundant new reality, step-by-step!

Claim your role as an expert in your mystical field so you can shine bright and attract the many clients that will be blessed by your work

Iron out ALL the deets of your high-level spiritual services and offers, setting yourself up for successful launches

Elevate your light-leadership skills and refine your coaching methods (if applicable)

Innovate in your business and take bold, aligned actions with support and encouragement

OWN your pricing such that the investment is an easy YES for the people who will benefit most from your work!


Feel more motivated, comfortable, and, dare I say, EXCITED to promote your offers

Feel more optimistic and empowered especially if no one signs up in the first hour, first day, even first week of your launch!

Be more effective with your messaging and in-flow marketing (with "no rules!" energy!)

Structure and write a beautiful, authentic, effective sales webpage

Get more organized in your business and set up processes for receiving income from the magical offers you've created and sold!

(Plus tons more! Based on your unique needs, energy, and goals there's no limit to what topics I'll channel to support you and your group!)

LFAL has your name written all over it if:

  • You're a lightworker, healer, reader, intuitive, medium, spiritual teacher / coach, or yoga instructor who runs a heart-centered online business

  • You're feeling really ready to start making some big, exciting changes soon! You're dreaming of making your lightwork your full-time livelihood!

  • You have all these exciting ideas for your business but you're struggling to set a clear, aligned goal and actually follow through with it

  • The idea of building out all the details of your high-level offers, creating an email list, growing an online community, structuring a sales page like this one, etc feels like base camp at Mt Everest!​​ (Spoiler alert: it doesn't have to be that intense!)

  • Sales means more to you than just making money... what you give is just as important to you as what you receive!

  • Promoting and marketing your offers feels stretchy, if not downright scary! The ghosts of launches past have left you afraid of rejection and disappointment

  • You know it will be a total game-changer for you to have a coach who holds you at your highest potential, brainstorms ideas with you from a place of expertise, helps you bring those ideas to life, and supports you to come back to your power when your ego comes a-knockin

  • You're excited to invest in yourself knowing that when you show up fully for this experience, the many forms of 'ROI' are inevitable!​​


Image by Nahil Naseer

Let me remind you - you are a cosmic rockstar. You possess gifts that can AND WILL shift the trajectory of this entire planet! You are an essential part of a consciousness revolution. 

You’re kind of a big freakin' deal.

This mastermind will inspire and empower you to start acting like it and earning like it!


there will be three main 'pillars' of this mastermind:


It can be so easy to get knocked off your unicorn when you put yourself out there and don't see desired results.

Empowerment is all about acknowledging, processing, and releasing the common thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that plant seeds of doubt... and re-focusing on the empowering soul Truths (with a capital T!) that plant seeds of success.


It's not enough to just understand and accept your empowering soul Truths. You must learn to embody them... to live and breathe them as often as possible.

Embodiment means you are integrating your new beliefs about what's possible for your spiritual business into your energetic body such that you shine bright with confidence, conviction, and self-assurance.

From this energy and these habits, your business becomes irresistibly magnetic.


This is the 'divine follow-through'! We lightworkers love spending time dreaming and setting intentions but the action-taking and accountability to crystallize those intentions into reality is just as important to fast-track your next level of success and impact.

With my support, you'll be creating (or refining) high-level services, courses, and offers and following through on them (from divine download to sold out!) in order to finally break through any perceived income limitations and earn an abundant AF full-time income doing what you love!

What you're agreeing to when you join this container:

  • You are open to new ways of thinking, being, doing, and achieving in your life and spiritual business



  • You consider your mission as a spiritual entrepreneur to be URGENT. You have a fire under your booty to bring your gifts to this rapidly-awakening world!

  • You are willing (with support of course!) to take action outside of your comfort zone and be inspired and stretched into a new financial reality

  • You are willing to trust the Universe's perfect divine timing (which will accelerate inside this experience!)

  • You understand that there are always deeper layers to learning and as we evolve, our understanding evolves - so you are willing to leave "I know this already" at the door

  • You will be proactive in your spiritual expansion practices and your actions to grow your business. I'm here to guide you, help you empower and uplift yourself, and hold space for your dreams to come alive, not do the work for you  ; )


Ready to treat your business like the powerful portal for infinite  magic and money that it really is ?


Ready to go all-in on making your  lightwork your livelihood ?

Cropped view of astrologer drawing natal chart beside dollar banknotes on table.jpg


During your 12 or 24 weeks inside the mastermind, you'll have access to:

 3 month option 

  • Nine 90 minute group coaching sessions (3 per month)

  • 12 weeks of support between sessions inside a private Mighty Networks community forum

  • Instant access to LMA, my 8-module course for spiritual coaches ($500 value!)

  • Instant access to Sales Phoenix, my 2+ hour marketing masterclass ($88 value!)

 6 month option 

  • Eighteen 90 minute group coaching sessions (3 per month)

  • 24 weeks of support between sessions inside a private Mighty Networks community forum

  • Six 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (1 per month)

  • Instant access to LMA, my 8-module course for spiritual coaches ($500 value!)

  • Instant access to Sales Phoenix, my 2+ hour marketing masterclass ($88 value!)


*Sales Webpage Audit Add-On*

If you would like to have access to my copywriting expertise for your website and sales copy! I will personally provide feedback, comments, suggestions, and reflection questions to optimize your messaging, storytelling, and sales invitations (available for either 3 or 6 month options!)

I'm here to share my mastery with you so you can focus more on your mastery. I'm here to hold space for your Highest Self to rise and thrive in your spiritual business... for a living!

Are you READY to say YES to a whole new reality and spiritual business by joining the Lightworker For A Living soul family?!

investment options

(Payment plans included)

 Group coaching sessions begin on TBD 

[Morning option: 11am EST]

[Evening option: 8pm EST]




This option also includes monthly 60 minute private coaching sessions!


[ Early enrollment special! $500 off expires 5/15 @midnight PST ]

PAYMENT PLAN (6 months)

Six monthly payments of: $555

(Investment listed in USD & subject to change at next launch)

*Recurring payment every 30 days from the date of initial payment

PAY IN FULL (6 months)

One payment of: $3330

(Investment listed in USD & subject to change at next launch)

*Receive 48 hours of unlimited Voxer support when you pay in full*




PAYMENT PLAN (3 months)

Three monthly payments of: $700

(Investment listed in USD & subject to change at next launch)

*Recurring payment every 30 days from the date of initial payment

PAY IN FULL (3 months)

One payment of: $2100

(Investment listed in USD & subject to change at next launch)

*Receive 48 hours of unlimited Voxer support when you pay in full*

Image by Jeremy Thomas




[Morning option: 11am EST]

[Afternoon option: 8pm EST]



I will be in touch with you via email soon after I receive your payment with a coaching agreement for you to review and sign and we will get your recurring payment set up if you opted for the payment plan.

Still have questions and want to chat with Chrissy first about joining the mastermind? Book a complimentary consultation call below to discuss this program further. I just ask that you book it knowing you have a way to invest if it's a mutual fit after our consultation.

©copyright 2023 by CHRISSY DEE, LLC

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