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 Jan 5th - March 30th 2023! 

empowerment  clarity  prosperity


Welcome, beautiful lightworker!

If you're a tarot reader, astrologer, energy/crystal healer, psychic medium, spiritual coach or content creator who is ready to create your next-level impactful, fulfilling, and prosperous spiritual business by harnessing your magnetism, rewiring your mind for effortless success, and taking aligned action... you're in the right place!


>>> Peek behind the curtains of the Spring 2022 round of Lightworker For A Living with this compilation video of *some* of the best and most transformational moments of this past round of LFAL <3

(Published with my clients' blessing and permission).

I specialize in mentoring lightworkers, healers, and intuitives who are ready to grow a THRIVING business built primarily on high-level:​

mentorship packages


training programs


+ any combination of the above!

I support lightworkers to take their existing skills and passions to a whole new level of service and success:




crystal healing


tarot reading




energy healing



+ any other spiritual tools to facilitate more consciousness, awareness, self-actualization, and community in this world!


The time is now, lightworker. The world is truly in need of your wisdom, teachings, and unique spiritual offerings.




This intuitively-guided program is a 12-week journey to help more people with your work and make more money through: uncovering more of your soul’s Truth, embracing deeper authenticity and cosmic confidence, taking brave aligned actions with support & encouragement, and prioritizing joy and intuition during your entrepreneurial adventure.


LFAL is a group mastermind - meaning you will join a small family of lightworkers, healers, intuitives, and spiritual coaches with a similar calling, related challenges, and big freakin' dreams in sharing a space of support, expansion, and prosperity together.


This mastermind-style experience is unique and powerful as there won’t be a planned agenda week-to-week but rather channeled themes to explore and implement that's very live-coaching-focused.

Due to this being a high-support program, there will be no more than four participants per session sub-group (guaranteed). There will be a maximum of 8 participants overall in two session sub-groups. Everyone will meet each other in the group forum!

What is LFAL?
Image by Amelia Bartlett

I will be sharing guidance, tips, and perspectives based on my own spiritual business growth, my experiences serving clients across many different offers, and earning income over 3 years (2+ full time) as Chrissy Dee LLC...

But even more supportive is the extremely personalized guidance I channel from Source based on your unique energy, needs, and goals AND that of your one-of-a-kind group. That’s the beauty of an intimate collective of FOUR lightworkers or less per sub-group.

I've found this intuitive coaching style to be most effective, especially for lightworkers.

Lightworker For A Living is first and foremost a spiritual business growth program. The star focus of LFAL is to support you in connecting with more souls that need your work and earning more income (your first or next $5k+).

make your lightwork

your livelihood !


But, that being said, there’s so much more to growing a business than implementing logic, strategy, and systems. We will be discussing those things, but only as they apply authentically to your business. Streamlined strategy. Nothing that isn’t aligned with the powerful, heart-forward, cosmic being you truly are. Sound good? :)

Connecting more deeply with your inner business badass and your greater mission as a lightworker will allow you to connect more deeply with your community and new paying clients.

Your Path to Success

getting excited ?  me too!!

your unique path to serving soulmate clients & earning YOUR FIRST (OR NEXT!) $5k+ includes:

Success energetics & practices to make progress on your goals DAILY

Jump timelines and create financial breakthroughs!

Empowered decision making to dissolve hesitation & idea overwhelm

Claim your expertise & embody your next-level confidence

Elevate your light-leadership skills & refine your coaching methods (if applicable)!

Effortless abundance by implementing divine feminine magnetism & divine masculine aligned action

Iron out ALL the deets of your new spiritual services / offers


OWN your high-end pricing so the investment is an easy YES for the people who will benefit most from your work!

Clarify & connect with your ideal clients / students

Effective messaging, aligned marketing, & in-flow promotion (with "no rules!" energy)

Strategies & energetics of empowered launching

Mindset & processes for receiving multiplied income from the Source Abundance channels you've created

client testimonial

korina pic.png

" I officially launched my coaching business while working with Chrissy! It was so helpful having her support and guidance during our time together.


We worked on the fine details of my coaching packages as well as ways to prioritize work-life balance, which I'm so grateful for!


I'm celebrating my first mentorship client and 2 more start in the next 2 weeks! I also know there will be many more lives to support as I continue my journey as an intuitive empowerment coach. "

Korina Martinez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Astrologist, & Psychic

This mastermind sets a new standard for spiritually-grounded entrepreneurship...

  • Success in business as a side effect of authentic living, expression, and heart-centered service

  • Reaching goals by following the FUN

  • Unfiltered, purposeful communication

  • Inner peace with all outer circumstances and results

  • Sharing content from the heart and intuition rather than mental gymnastics and overthinking

  • Consistency from inspiration rather than obligation

  • Embracing natural energy cycles without FOMO

Image by Andy Holmes

what's available to you within 12 WEEKS of soul e.x.p.a.n.s.i.o.n & personalized business support:


  • Embrace your emotional and energetic equilibrium through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship - one of the key ingredients to sustainable & enjoyable business growth!

  • Confidently promote & sell high-end programs, services, and/or courses that could very well earn you thousands in a single day (and beyond)!​

  • Facilitate large-scale transformation for your clients - an epic evolution of who they are and an entirely different reality for themselves

  • Pay down debts, travel, spoil your loved ones, donate to causes you're passionate about (all from your business bank account) and be a shining example to others what it's like to embody abundance​ and live a deeply purposeful life

  • Finally quit your unfulfilling day job and go full-time as a spiritual entrepreneur ;)​

  • Feel yourself coming alive with new creative ideas, divine downloads, and heightened spiritual abilities… as well as an ease in authentic copywriting and content creation you’ve never experienced before

  • Leave this mastermind having had next-level financial breakthroughs, with your pockets full of new mindset tools, intuitive business strategies, and energetic practices to continue into even greater levels of impact and success with each passing year! To the stars!!


Your success means as much to me as my own! That's exactly why I've created this mastermind to guide you, support you, and challenge you every step of the way to your abundant next-level business!

The world needs as many empowered, successful, unapologetic spiritual entrepreneurs as possible in order to support this phase of mass awakening… so put on your crystal crown and let’s get to work! 

Your mission

has lead you here...



You know your spiritual gifts are powerful.​

You want to make a living helping people with those gifts.​

You're inspired by spiritual leaders who receive an overflow of income sharing the work they adore.

I see you owning your gifts and making strides with YOUR soul’s work. It warms my heart so much knowing there are people like you supporting an awakening world!


You’ve poured SO much of your time, energy, love, and expertise into your work but the compensation isn’t exactly in balance.

On the one hand, perhaps you hesitate to reach for more because on some level you’ve bought into the BS belief that healers should live modest lives and always give more than they receive…

But on the other hand, you KNOW the grand-scale potential you hold as a lightworker. Your clients can attest to the power of your work - even if they just get a taste of it.

You sometimes let yourself indulge in the empowering belief that your work is special (umm... it totally is!) and worthy of massive compensation!

First of all, don’t make yourself wrong for feeling uncomfortable and torn by this polarity! This is good news! It’s all a perfect part of your soul growth and business expansion journey. 

And this is just one of the many reasons why I created Lightworker For A Living: the mastermind! It’s tailor-made for you to finally break through to the abundant next-level of your business you (and your clients) deserve!


  • Perhaps you're feeling stuck in a "day job" that doesn't do it for ya and you're desiring to go full-time as a spiritual entrepreneur

  • Your current offerings ain't payin’ the big bills or providing the financial overflow you've been dreaming of​

  • You have all these exciting ideas for your business but you're struggling to set a clear, aligned goal and actually follow through with it

  • The idea of building out all the details of your high-level offers, creating an email list, growing an online community, structuring a sales page like this one, etc feels like base camp at Mt Everest!​​ (Spoiler alert: it doesn't have to be that intense!)

  • Promoting and selling your magic feels stretchy, if not downright scary! The ghosts of launches past have left you afraid of rejection & disappointment


  • You know it will be a total game-changer for you to have a mentor who holds you at your highest potential, brainstorms ideas with you from a place of expertise, helps you bring those ideas to life, and helps you come back to your power when your ego comes a-knockin

  • You're excited to invest in yourself knowing that when you show up fully for this experience, the many forms of 'ROI' are inevitable!​​


Is LFAL For Me?

Let me remind you - you are a cosmic rockstar. You possess gifts that can AND WILL shift the trajectory of this entire planet! You are an essential part of a consciousness revolution. 

You’re kind of a big freakin' deal.

And this mastermind will empower you to start acting like it and earning like it!

Image by guille pozzi

Why I'm the coach for you!

As an intuitive business mentor, I’ve lead dozens of clients through epic soul and business transformations at several different levels of service:


From live trainings & workshops, single coaching sessions, 5-day coaching intensives, monthly coaching containers, all the way up to 4 and 6 month high-level coaching packages.

Although I have a coaching certification, I don't believe they are necessary.


My business experiences and my channeling abilities are my most valuable qualifications:

I have ugly-cried for a full hour after a $0 no-signup group program launch in early 2020.

I have promoted my offers over the years with the oh-so-disappointing result of "crickets".

I have shaken my fists at the sky asking 'what the actual fuck, Universe? I'm trying so hard. Where are my results?'

I have experienced SO much disappointment, rejection, unworthiness, confusion, and apathy along my business journey so trust me when I say I have been there, babe.

And EACH time I went through the ringer in my spiritual business, I learned something priceless.

I healed.


I bounced back.


I dialed in my gifts as an intuitive business mentor.


I found my voice again.

I released the disappointment to fan the flame of my mission.

I never gave up. In fact - I doubled down.



I went back to the drawing board time and time again. I prioritized self-care and clarity. I continued investing in support that felt inspired and aligned, even when very little was coming in.

And I started to see the tides finally begin to shift.

All the magic started lining up in the most unexpected ways with clients and income in my business to support one of my biggest dreams of leaving my day job and going full-time as a lightworker.

At this point I've sustained my lifestyle as a full-time entrepreneur for more than two years.

I mastered the art of turning my "failures" into successes.

I created my Lightworker For A Living mastermind very intentionally to support you with YOUR big dreams as a lightworker in business.

My job - my passion - is to offer you my unique gifts, experience, wisdom, tools, and intuitive processes I've gained to create continued success in my spiritual business so you can do the same in yours... and in your own way.



This truly collapses your timeline and makes the journey to your next level of abundance 10x faster and more easeful.

Honestly... that's worth a million bucks!

And I'm offering you a spot in this mastermind to create the deeply authentic and prosperous business you desire (and deserve!) for an epic no-brainer investment.

Your LFAL Coach


for 12 WEEKS, you'll have access to all the support you need to tap into your next-level of light-leadership create powerful soul-aligned offers, and get paid the big bucks doing the work that sets your soul on fire!


there will be three main 'pillars' of this mastermind:

The 3 Pillars


It can be so easy to get knocked off your unicorn when you put yourself out there and don't see desired results.

Empowerment is all about acknowledging, processing, and releasing the common thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that plant seeds of doubt... and re-focusing on the empowering soul Truths (with a capital T!) that plant seeds of success.


It's not enough to just understand and accept your empowering soul Truths. You must learn to embody them... to live and breathe them as often as possible.

Embodiment means you are integrating your new beliefs about what's possible for your spiritual business into your energetic body such that you shine bright with confidence, conviction, and self-assurance.

From this energy and these habits, your business becomes irresistibly magnetic.


This is the 'divine follow-through'! We lightworkers love spending time dreaming and setting intentions but the action-taking and accountability to crystallize those intentions into reality is a crucial step to fast-track your next level of success and impact.

With my support, you'll be creating (or refining) high-level services, courses, and offers and following through on them (from divine download to sold out!) in order to finally break through your perceived income limitations and dive deeper with your clients!


What you're agreeing to when you join this container:

  • You are coachable and open to new ways of thinking, being, doing, and achieving in your life and spiritual business



  • You consider your mission as a spiritual entrepreneur to be URGENT. You have a fire under your booty to bring your gifts to a rapidly awakening world.

  • You are willing (with support of course!) to take action outside of your comfort zone and be stretched into a new financial reality

  • You are willing to trust the Universe's perfect divine timing (which will accelerate inside this experience!)

  • You understand that there are always deeper layers to learning & as we evolve, our understanding evolves - so you are willing to leave "I know this already" at the door

  • You will be proactive in taking ACTION. I'm here to guide you, help you empower and uplift yourself, and hold space for you, not do the work for you ;)


Ready to finally become the THRIVING lightworker you came here to be?!

What's Included


During your 12 weeks inside the mastermind, you'll have access to:

>> group coaching only <<

Nine 90-120 minute group coaching sessions

(three sessions per month)

The first group session will be held on Thursday, January 5, 2023 at 7pm EST (plus another subgroup with a TBD date/time slot of that week)!


This is where so much of the magic will happen, my dear! On each Zoom session you'll be receiving all the channeled guidance you (and your badass new family of lightworkers!) need to build the strong AF mindset and business foundations, to dream up, create, and sell your exciting new offers which will bring a deeper level of healing & transformation to your clients AND completely transform your money reality.

These calls will also be an opportunity for you to share breakthroughs and ask questions that you feel your fellow participants will benefit from.

Image by Christina @
Sunrise silhouette of 10 young women wal

12 weeks of support between sessions inside a private community forum

Our Lightworker For A Living private community (using a platform called Mighty Networks) is a place for you to ask me and your fellow spiritual entrepreneurs follow-up questions, have access to additional video trainings (mindset, technical, whatever you need!), and practice stretching yourself outside your comfort zone in a safe space where constructive feedback is encouraged.

You are ALL in this together in CREATION mode! Community > comparison. This is a place for you to learn, inspire one another, support one another, hold each other up, help hold each other accountable, and celebrate the WINS!


There's nothing quite like the power of a COLLECTIVE of empowered lightworkers with their souls on fire for their mission and you will be able to grow as a soul family forever <3

Access to LMA

($797 value!)

As a powerful complement to this live group mastermind, you will also receive instant access to Lightworkers Mentorship Academy: my value-packed 8 module DIY course to use your existing spiritual gifts & abilities to create & sell high-level coaching programs & courses. Some modules include: Tools & Practices for Expansion, Connecting with your Soulmate Clients, Spiritual Mentorship 101, Empowered Launching & Soul Aligned Sales, and more!

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 11.14.40 AM.png

>> LFAL+ (group coaching + 1:1) <<

*Includes everything in Group Only... PLUS:

Six 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions

(two sessions per month)

Having direct access to me as your coach during this group mastermind will allow us to dive DEEPER in your unique personalized goals each month. You'll have my undivided attention as we spend more time working through any of your specific doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, creative blocks, or tech issues that come come up as you stretch beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone!

This is a high-support mastermind program. While we will working together as a group to support and learn from one another, I wanted to provide 1:1 opportunities as well so you can get PLENTY of dedicated time with me to talk specifics of your unique dreams, goals, and business vision.

Personalized review of website & sales page


Writing effective copy (i.e. any written text on your marketing materials, website, etc) that is clear and magnetic to your community / ideal clients is a skill that you can learn once and it becomes the gift that keeps on giving in your business!

It's one thing to know the value of your lightwork, it's a whole other ballgame to convey that value to prospective clients in a way that inspires them to excitedly invest in their transformation via your offerings!


When you choose LFAL+ (includes 1:1), you'll have access to my copywriting expertise for your website and sales copy! I will personally provide feedback, comments, suggestions, and reflection questions to optimize your messaging, storytelling, and sales invitations ;)


Early Enrollment Bonus (until 12/23/22)


One 45 minute 1:1 coaching session

Pay-in-Full Bonus


48 hours of unlimited Voxer support (voice & text)

investment options

(payment plans included)

Investment Options

I'm here to share my mastery with you so you can focus more on your mastery. I'm here to hold space for your Highest Self to rise and thrive in your spiritual business.

Are you READY to say YES to a whole new reality and spiritual business by joining the Lightworker For A Living soul family?!

group-only OPTION

spots have already begun filling!

PAY IN FULL (group only):

One payment of: $1500

*Receive one 45 min 1:1 coaching session when you enroll by 12/23/22.

*Receive 48 hours of Voxer support when you pay in full.

(Investment listed in USD)

PAYMENT PLAN (group only):

monthly payments of: $500

*Receive one 45 min 1:1 coaching session when you enroll by 12/23/22.

*Invoiced (roughly) every 30 days from the date of initial payment.

(Investment listed in USD)

LFAL+ (group + 1:1) OPTION

Everything included in Group Only PLUS bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and personalized copywriting support!

PAY IN FULL (with 1:1):

One payment of: $3000

*Receive one 45 min 1:1 coaching session when you enroll by 12/23/22.

*Receive 48 hours of Voxer support when you pay in full.

(Investment listed in USD)

PAYMENT PLAN (with 1:1):

3 monthly payments of: $1000

*Receive one 45 min 1:1 coaching session when you enroll by 12/23/22.

*Invoiced (roughly) every 30 days from the date of initial payment.

(Investment listed in USD)

Image by Jeremy Thomas




I will be in touch with you via email soon after I receive your payment with a coaching agreement for you to review and sign.

Still have questions and want to chat with Chrissy first about joining the Mastermind? Book a complimentary consultation call below to discuss the mastermind further. I just ask that you book it knowing you have a way to invest if it's a mutual fit after our consultation.

Book A Consult!

©copyright 2022 by CHRISSY DEE, LLC

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