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A 60 minute 1:1 workshop to inspire more sales in your mystical business like magick through authentic, empowered, and effective verbal promotion

get noticed. get heard. get paid.

get your clients some biresults.

Leave this workshop feeling more motivated, comfortable, and, dare I say, EXCITED to speak about your signature offer and watch people get equally as excited to join it!

(Watch me share about Outspoken Magick & how learning this skill of empowered, effective verbal promotion will help you stand out & book more clients!)

Abstract Background


Here's the thing, cosmic queen... If someone were to ask you:

Would your mind immediately go blank?

Would "uhhhhm..." be the first thing out of your mouth?

Would you default to "let me just email you the details" (an email that the person inquiring may never actually read)

Would you respond with ambiguous benefits like "because this program is so powerful!"

Would you focus only on all the esoteric work that's involved? Statements like "elevate your spiritual routine", "heal your shadow", or "release unhealthy energy attachments"

(btw, if these ^^ sound just fine to you, then this workshop will be especially supportive for you!)

These are all indicators that you're missing opportunities every week to ignite more interest in your offers and inspire more sales.


Put simply, promoting / "pitching" is all about effectively communicating the value of your offer with people who will benefit from that value. Words are just one medium of communication but a lot can be missed when you go with words alone to promote your offer:


Most notably -- your tone of voice, your physical presence, and your unique energy signature.

These are all "X factor" things that strengthen people's connection with you and your program / service!


Many entrepreneurs struggle with this kind of promotion (or avoid it for the same reasons you do!) so learning how to develop this skill during this workshop will help you stand out and attract the aligned clients you've been eager to support!

throat chakra.jpeg

APPLICATIONS of this skill

Become more comfortable, confident, and successful pitching your offer:

  • during a free masterclass / workshop / launch event

  • on stories throughout the week

  • at the end of a Reel, Youtube video, etc

  • at the end of a podcast or guest-speaker appearance

  • on your program's sales webpage by adding a stand-out promo video (like I've done here!)

  • during live card readings / mediumship readings / intuitive sessions

  • after your client has a great experience in a different offer and you think they'd be a great fit to continue working with you


Is it possible to inspire sales through written communications? Yes.


However, if you've recently hit a plateau in your client connections and income (or you just want to serve and earn on a bigger scale!) and it feels streeeeetchy but exciting to shake up your promotion style, then Outspoken Magick has your name written all over it!


Learning and improving this skill, especially in this 1:1 personalized workshop, will help you unlock a new chapter of client overflow and financial breakthroughs!

money tarot_edited.jpg


After purchasing this private 1:1 workshop, you will fill out an intake form with some info about your business and offers that will help us "hit the ground running" when your workshop starts.

I will support you to add more intentionality, emotional impact, and a pinch of structure to your verbal promotion (without losing your authenticity or sounding like a "salesy" robot) using my promo prep method! You will also receive the session replay plus a summary & implementation guide.

Many of my clients over the years have said they wish they could just wave a magick wand to skip the boring, frustrating “marketing stuff” and get right down to business: getting paid and helping people inside their offers.


OMG do I understand that! But the thing is, business doesn’t work that way...

(One example of how powerful it can be to promote using your voice and physical presence!)

You can’t put zero / minimal effort into connecting with people and putting your offers “out there” and expect everyone to show up at your door. Your relationship with your clients is like any other. It’s a two-way street.


I promise you, doing the “marketing stuff” doesn’t have to be boring, frustrating, or a chore. Outspoken Magick will help you feel empowered pitching your offers so YOU, your business, and your soon-to-be clients can thrive at a whole new level!

Image by Annie Spratt
Sign Up


Once you purchase Outspoken Magick, you will receive an email with a link to complete a quick pre-workshop form. That form will then include a link to book your 60 minute 1:1 workshop!

Use your Outspoken Magick to inspire more sales in your mystical biz!

Purchase your 1:1 workshop below for $197.


Thank you for purchasing Outspoken Magick - An email containing the link to your intake form (which contains the link to book your workshop) is on its way to your inbox right now!  If you don't see this email within 10 minutes, check your spam/promo folder.  If you still have issues, email

If you don’t know me already I’m Chrissy Dee!


I started my coaching business in July 2019 and I’ve been running it full time since September 2020. I started out as an empowerment coach but now, after gaining tons of experience and hiring business coaches of my own, I provide my own “special sauce” coaching for lightworkers in business!

Belieeeeeve me… I’ve ridden ALL the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship roller coaster over the years. I’ve had $0 launches, $9k launches, and everything in between. I’ve been booked out with the most incredible clients and I’ve had periods of time with no clients. I’ve launched freebies, workshops, classes, courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, virtual retreats, and more.


Each time I’ve launched / promoted an offer in my business, I’ve learned valuable-as-gold lessons that have allowed me to continue doing what I love most for a living!


And the best part of my “job” is passing on the wisdom I’ve gained over the years to my fellow lightworkers (like you!) so your journey to the greater impact and success you desire becomes faster, easier, and more enjoyable.



This awakening world needs as many empowered, heart-centered, successful lightworkers and mystics as possible. Together we rise!


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