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3 Tips to Rock Your Client Sessions as a Spiritual Coach

Whether you’re reading your client’s birth chart, coaching your client through a difficult spiritual awakening, or leading a group Spirit circle, these tips will help you feel even more confident AND rock your clients’ world during the sesh!

Let’s dive in!

3 Tips to Rock Your Client Sessions:

  • Hold the Vibe

If you’re reading this right now, I have a sneaking feeling you already know that your energy has an important role to play when leading client sessions. But, it can absolutely be easy to jump right into the call without paying much mind to the energetic portal you’re about to open (that’s really what it is!).

Be sure to hold a vibe of infinite possibility no matter what emotions your client flows through during the session. Your main priority is to hold space for their desired transformation (especially through their doubts and fears!) and to take steps to move them along that journey with infinite possibilities in mind.

  • Don’t Forget to Breathe

This one has come up for a few of my clients who are spiritual coaches so I know how common it can be! If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or your mind goes blank during a session, take a deep intentional breath. I know it sounds super simple and straightforward… and to that I say “exactly!” It’s meant to be. A simple deep breath has the power to refocus your nervous system and clear your mind. If you’re still having trouble, however, go ahead and tell your client you’ll follow up with them on that topic at a later time and move on to a different topic... or ask them a question to give yourself some space to get your coaching crown readjusted ;)

  • Focus & Flow

Balance is important in so many aspects of our lives as humans. Wouldn’t you agree? The interplay of our divine masculine and feminine energies, work / rest balance, managing soft compassion and hard boundaries… so many examples come to mind. To really rock your client sessions, balance focusing on leading the discussion with your client’s goals in mind, while also allowing space for them to lead the discussion with what feels important to them.

Sometimes the most seemingly irrelevant challenges they are experiencing are the key to unlock your client’s highest potential. Use your intuition and discernment for the perfect balance of support between focus/planning and going with the flow!


I've been an intuitive business coach for lightworkers since July 2019. Learn more about how I can support you further to serve and earn bigger with your soul's work!


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