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3 Ways to Get Motivated Again

I see you, soul sister. You’re currently feeling a lack of motivation to move forward along your (entrepreneurial) yellow brick road to Emerald City - the place where dreams may be fulfilled.

First things first. You may not be “stuck” at all. You may feel like you are, but there’s a chance you don’t need motivation right now - you need some good ol’ fashioned REST.

I want you to sit down and use your intuition to ask yourself if you’re truly stuck and in need of some motivation to move forward… or if you’re just in a phase of your journey where all you need right now is rest and reflection.

So - what’s the verdict? If the former, keep on reading because I’ve got some helpful guidance for ya! If the latter, I recommend you close your laptop - right now - and go treat yourself to some chill time. See ya at my next post <3

Ok. If you recognize that you’ll truly benefit right now to get MOTIVATED and make tangible forward progress on your big, beautiful goals and dreams, this one’s for you!

Prepare to feel the wet blanket of “stuck” fall right off your pretty shoulders! You’re about to get your motivation back ;)

3 Ways to Get Motivated Again:

  • Inspiration.

Here’s the thing, love. Most people get their motivation back through one of two avenues: discipline or inspiration. I am a strong advocate for the latter. It’s not that discipline doesn’t work for some people; I’ve just found that it’s often unsustainable because it can stem from shame and self-hate. On the other hand, prioritizing being inspired every day has much lighter energy to it and it stems from wonder and self-care.

What inspires you? A long walk in nature? Connecting with like-minded, passionate, motivated people? Practicing guitar? Volunteering? I promise you, when you focus on being inspired on a regular basis, your motivation to take action on your dreams will come easily and naturally.

  • Move. Your. Physical. Body, Babe.

Our minds, bodies, and spirits are so very interconnected. When you take the time to move your physical body (through dance, biking, hiking, yoga, basketball, whatever you enjoy…) it absolutely moves energy through your creative channel - - it flushes it, if you will.

This practice has the potential to shift your vibration in big ways and open you up to new ideas, inspired actions, and opportunities. Don’t underestimate the power of moving your body to motivate you in many areas of your life and business.

  • Baby Steps.

A large portion of the reason we become unmotivated is because we become over-freakin-whelmed. Our big goals and dreams often bring with them big “to-dos” and you may find yourself thinking there’s no time to get it all done because you’re already “behind the curve”. This mindset can really snowball over time - compounding the stress of tackling it all to the point where the brain just gives up. Before you know it, you’re asking yourself where all your motivation went.

Take baby steps forward. Find one small task that feels do-able and in a timeframe that doesn’t make you feel like you’re giving an elephant a piggy-back ride. The great news is, this also becomes a snowball effect and compounds over time. The key is to take small action under low pressure and build from there. You’ve got this!

Bonus: Meditate with a tigers eye gemstone for 5 minutes in the mornings. This gemstone holds a specific crystalline and elemental structure that promotes courage, confidence, and bringing organization to a chaotic mind. It’s also an incredibly beautiful gemstone and if you’re anything like me, beauty is inspiring ;)

Leave a comment below if this post served you today - it always makes my day to hear from you!

xo Chrissy


I've been an intuitive business coach for lightworkers since July 2019. Learn more about how I can support you further to serve and earn bigger with your soul's work!


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