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 ROUND 3: JUNE 1st - june 15TH 


free mini mastermind

2 week live business coaching accelerator

Image by Katie Harp

Join a soul family of  lightworkers, healers, intuitives, and spiritual coaches with a similar calling, related challenges, and big dreams in sharing a space of support, expansion, and business BREAKTHROUGHS together across two magical weeks.

<<< Hear more about Breakthrough from this client interview clip with Angela, who was a part of round 2!

The breakdown of Breakthrough:

Breakthrough is a uniquely-powerful 2 week live group business accelerator for lightworkers, healers, readers, and intuitives.


The magic of this mini-mastermind is in the small, yet focused and powerful, mindset and strategy shifts you'll be creating in order to experience a BIG breakthrough in your spiritual business!

Yes! You read that right... you can abso-freakin'-lutely create a big breakthrough in only 2 weeks with this level of intentionality, focus, and support!

What's Included & Key Dates:

  • There will be two live group business trainings based on your answers to the Breakthrough enrollment survey.

Live Group Trainings:


Thursday, June 1st @ 7pm EST

Thursday, June 8th @ 7pm EST


  • There will be two live group Q&A coaching sessions as follow-up support to the live trainings.

Live Group Coaching Sessions:


Wednesday, June 7th @ 7pm EST

Wednesday, June 14th @ 7pm EST


  • You'll also have access to one 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with me (60 mins if you are one of the first five to enroll!) to receive even deeper personalized support with your business breakthrough!


  • Lastly, you will have access to two weeks (June 1st - June 15th) of business support and soul connections with the other lightworkers inside a private Mighty Networks forum.

Breakthrough schedule 2.png
money tarot.jpg

You're a lightworker who feels riiiiight at the edge of a big breakthrough in your business:

  • Your first (or next!) client in your brand new spiritual awakening mentorship package

  • The open door to finally trade your day job for your dream job (!!!)

  • The new booking after you upgraded your tarot pricing to reflect your expertise

  • Your biggest income month to-date selling your crystal manifestation course

  • Your first fully-booked women's healing circle

  • ( Literally anything! Let your imagination sparkle with the possibilities! )


I have one question for you, cosmic queen...

Well, put on your crystal crown and let's get that magic movin' in your business!

what breakthrough would you love to create across 2 weeks?

hi, cosmic goddess!

If you don’t know me already I’m Chrissy Dee!


I started my coaching business in July 2019 and I’ve been running it full time since September 2020. I started out as an empowerment coach but now, after gaining tons of experience and hiring business coaches of my own, I provide my own “special sauce” coaching for lightworkers in business!

Belieeeeeve me… I’ve ridden ALL the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship roller coaster over the years. I’ve had $0 launches, $9k launches, and everything in between. I’ve been booked out with the most incredible clients and I’ve had periods of time with no clients. I’ve launched freebies, workshops, classes, courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, virtual retreats, and more. I've navigated it all. And... I've created many breakthroughs of my own!


Along the way, I’ve learned valuable-as-gold lessons that have allowed me to refine my business and continue doing what I love most for a living! I've also honed my own intuitive abilities in my role as a business coach. While working together, I connect with your Spirit team and channel invaluable guidance that may be lost in translation when you hit a rough patch in your business growth journey. Many of my clients have had their minds (pleasantly) blown during our sessions because of this!


One of the best parts of my “job” is passing on the wisdom I’ve gained and using my intuitive gifts to support my fellow lightworkers like you so your journey to the greater impact and success you desire becomes faster, easier, and more enjoyable.


Enter... Breakthrough!  ;)

Some love and breakthroughs from previous rounds:

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 2.25.25 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 2.26.11 PM.png
Image by Vanessa Serpas

Inside this business accelerator, you will:

Place lots of juicy FOCUS on your desired breakthrough while also being open to being pleasantly surprised by the Universe with something even more aligned and magical!

Prioritize being eeeextra present with your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs so you can heal those that plant seeds of doubt and embrace those that plant seeds of success and greater impact

Identify (and overcome!) any obstacles in your mindset and/or business approach that have been standing in the way of your next big breakthrough in your business!

Anchor into an even deeper understanding of how powerful you are and how divinely supported your business truly is

Streeeetch outside your current comfort zone and lean into the divine essence you’ve been avoiding lately (feminine flow & openness OR masculine structure & action-taking!)

Optimize your current business structure, filling in the gaps of support you desire to offer that also pave the way for more income to flow!

Connect with other like-minded, like-hearted lightworkers

 (+ lots of channeled guidance based on live discussion) 

Breakthrough is for you if you align with either of these two categories:

Standalone support:

You know you will benefit greatly from having access to 2 weeks of free high-impact business coaching, no strings attached

Test run:

You're considering joining round 4 of Lightworker For A Living and you want to experience a 2 week "free trial" to see if this type of support is a fit for you!

Cropped view of astrologer drawing natal

this is the perfect container for you to ignite a breakthrough and start your abundant next chapter with a bang!


This mini mastermind is FREE to enroll :)

Reminder: the live sessions will be held at 7pm EST on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning June 1st and ending June 15th.

Note: All live sessions are highly-encouraged to attend live, but the two Q&A coaching sessions following the trainings are required for you to attend live. There will be a replay available of the trainings but not the coaching.

Click the button below to fill out a short enrollment survey (required to join Breakthrough). Within 24 hours of submitting this form, you will receive an email officially welcoming you into the mini mastermind! It will include further details of the program.

I can't wait to support you to take your soul's mission to even greater heights in just 2 weeks!!


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