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You're an intuitive, tarot reader, astrologer, energy/crystal healer, psychic medium, spiritual coach or content creator who is ready to serve & earn BIGGER in your spiritual business!

the time is now, lightworker. the world is in desperate need of your wisdom, teachings, and unique spiritual offerings.


welcome to my world,

soul sister!

During this transformational 1:1 experience, you'll have access to all the support you need to tap into your next-level of light-leadership, create powerful soul-aligned offers, and get paid the big bucks doing the work that sets your soul on fire!

It's a done-freakin'-deal.


Because your heart has lead you here for a reason.

Because you're worthy.

Because your future clients are worthy.

Because your services WILL make this world a better place and with this program as your time & energy portal to fast-track your abundant and impactful new reality, you'll be an UNSTOPPABLE force for positive change in this awakening world!

When you're in a mentorship container with me, it's not just about your BUSINESS...


It's about your heart-forward, mission-driven LEGACY.


And your work is meant to ignite passion, awakenings, and inner power all around the world like a sacred wildfire.

I specialize in mentoring lightworkers, healers, and intuitives who are ready to build a THRIVING business built primarily on high-level:​

  • mentorship package(s)

  • course(s)

  • training program(s)

  • certification(s)

  • + any combination of the above!

I support lightworkers to take their existing skills and passions to a whole new level of service and success:




crystal healing


tarot reading




energy healing



+ any other spiritual tools to facilitate more consciousness, awareness, self-actualization, and community in this world!

Imagine a reality where several weeks of personalized business support & epic soul expansion allows you to:

  • Quantum leap into confidently selling mentorship programs / courses / offers that could very well earn you THOUSANDS in a single day (and beyond)!​

  • Finally quit your "day job" and go full-time as a spiritual entrepreneur (after a year+ full time myself, I can't wait to share what I've learned with you!)

  • Facilitate grand-scale transformation for your clients / students helping them gracefully navigate an epic evolution of who they are (there's no better feeling!)

  • Feel yourself COMING ALIVE with new creative ideas, divine downloads, and heightened spiritual abilities… as well as an ease in promotion, copywriting, and content creation you’ve never experienced before

  • Leave the experience having had your biggest income months, with your pockets full of new mindset tools, mentorship tips, intuitive business strategies, and energetic practices to continue into even greater levels of success and impact! To the stars!!


Spiritual Business Awakening mentorship in a nutshell:


Success energetics & practices to align with a higher reality DAILY

Create intentional breakthroughs to earn your first (or next!) $2k - $5k

Claim and embody your next-level confidence & expertise

Elevate your leadership abilities & refine your teaching methods!

Learn how to own your high-end pricing and attract clients who are happy to pay you for your magic!

Create & refine your spiritual coaching packages, courses, events, etc (ALL the deets!)


Deeply connect with your ideal clients / students / community

Effective messaging, aligned marketing, & FUN, in-flow promotion

Strategies & energetics of empowered launching

Highly-personalized, clear action steps for effortless client attraction

Let me remind you - you are a cosmic rockstar. You possess gifts that can AND WILL shift the trajectory of this entire planet! You are an essential part of a consciousness revolution. 

You’re kind of a big f*cking deal.

And this program will empower you to start acting like it and start earning like it!


so, why learn this from me?

I’ve been mentoring clients in many different capacities since July 2019 and full-time since September 2020. This program was designed & streamlined with my 2+ years of lessons learned, mentorship experience gained, clients served, and magic manifested so I could support YOU to create a thriving spiritual mentorship business too on your highest and fastest timeline!

I know the soul-fulfilling feeling of being deeply rooted in purpose AND the joy of paying my bills, traveling, and investing back into my LLC using income from this work I adore.

I want ALL lightworkers to experience this.


There’s SO much guidance I can't wait to share with you if you’re truly READY to learn, connect, apply, take action, collapse time, and embody your abundant AF new lifestyle as a thriving spiritual mentor / guide / teacher - - inside my Spiritual Business Awakening mentorship program and beyond!


The lifestyle, income, and spiritual business of your wildest dreams is ready for you to CLAIM, star angel!


Getting excited?! Me too!! Still wondering how this is all going to go down though?

detailed program breakdown:

*disclaimer: although there’s a detailed breakdown, it will be intuitively-lead based your unique energy & specific needs week to week!

Part 1: Building & strengthening your *next-level* spiritual, mindset, & business foundations:

  • Getting clear on your BIGGER vision for your life and business so that we can work backwards from your goals all the way down to who you can BE and what you can DO each day to make forward progress toward said goals (or something even MORE magical of course!)

  • Releasing lack from your energetic body & cultivating a strong wealth & infinite abundance mindset


  • Building cosmic, next-level confidence in your new role as a powerful light leader; you may be quite confident in your spiritual gifts now, but we’ll be kicking it up ten notches so you can fully EMBODY the value you bring as a spiritual entrepreneur (this energy is MAGNETIC to your ideal clients!)


  • Refining your soulmate client / program participant based on your NEW level of empowerment; your ideal client should evolve along with your gained experience & confidence 


  • Organically building an engaged community FULL of people who benefit greatly from your work (many of which will become paying clients!) and getting more visible with your mission (podcasts, lives, networking, consistency, etc)


  • Dipping your toe into creating your new high-level offerings (divinely-guided brainstorming time!)

Part 2: Aligning with & creating (or honing) your high-level offers:

  • Choosing a new service / offer (or updating an existing one) that’s enjoyable to work on, supremely unique to YOU, and in full alignment (I’m talkin’ FULL BODY YES) with the direction, speed, and spirit of your business


  • Learning leadership skills & how to confidently use your intuition & spiritual gifts to guide others through long-form transformation


  • Taking action on the fine details of crafting and completing those services (contracts, program/sales pages, bookings, length of time, pricing/payments, the content itself - - branding, slides, recordings, etc) and MUCH more!


  • Focusing on following your "f*ck yeah!" and being of high service FIRST... and cultivating trust that the money and support flows in effortlessly as a spiritual side-effect

Part 3: Promo, spiritual sales, & receiving the abundance you’ve worked for:

  • Taking brave, exciting action & learning 'new programs / services launching 101' (the tech stuff, promo, launch events, consultation calls, email marketing, social media marketing, etc)


  • Holding the vision & trusting the process. I know how terrifying and vulnerable launching & selling can be! This is all about holding your light, holding the faith, following through and working with all the “mind monkeys” and “ego backlash”


  • Being in (and coming back to) your *receiving mode* with your new offers so the Universe can express-mail thousands of dollars your way as an energy exchange for your trust & incredible work! 


  • Next steps in creating continued expansion & success moving forward beyond this program!

Cropped view of astrologer drawing natal

Ready to finally become the THRIVING spiritual entrepreneur you came here to be?!

your experience includes:

  • Three 75-min Zoom coaching sessions per month (one implementation / “catch up” week where there’s no session but you still have email support and limited voice / text support)


  • Up to 2 hours of Voxer support (voice & text) per week (including implementation week)


  • Detailed sales page review to promote & market your services

  • Instant access to LMA (Lightworkers Mentorship Academy): 8 value-packed masterclasses providing frameworks to use your existing spiritual gifts & abilities to create & sell high-level coaching programs & courses ($797 value!)


  • A mailed spiritual welcome package including crystals, incense, jewelry, etc. (Basically anything that intuitively jumps out at me when I shop for you!), a journal, and a hand-written welcome letter from me! (4-month and 6-month packages only)

  • Pay-in-full “Let’s Freakin’ Go!” bonus: 7 days of unlimited Voxer support (voice & text) AND a 60-minute bonus Zoom session to be used anytime during the program!

What you're agreeing to when you join this container ;)

  • You are coachable and open to new ways of thinking, being, doing, and achieving in your life and spiritual business



  • You consider your mission as a spiritual entrepreneur to be URGENT. You have a fire under your booty to bring your gifts to a rapidly awakening world.

  • You are willing (with support of course!) to take action outside of your comfort zone and be stretched into a new financial reality

  • You are willing to trust the Universe's perfect divine timing (which will accelerate inside this experience!)

  • You understand that there are always deeper layers to learning & as we evolve, our understanding evolves - so you are willing to leave "I know this already" at the door

  • You will be proactive in taking ACTION. I'm here to guide you, empower you, uplift you, and hold space for you, not do the work for you ;)

Side view of beautiful young female with

client testimonial

korina pic.png

" I officially launched my coaching business while working with Chrissy! It was so helpful having her support and guidance during our time together.


We worked on the fine details of my coaching packages as well as ways to prioritize work-life balance, which I'm so grateful for!


I'm celebrating my first mentorship client and 2 more start in the next 2 weeks! I also know there will be many more lives to support as I continue my journey as an intuitive empowerment coach. "

Korina Martinez, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Astrologist, & Psychic

the world needs as many empowered, successful, unapologetic spiritual leaders & coaches as possible in order to support this phase of mass awakening…


so put on your crystal crown

and let’s get to work! 


your next step!

It's very important to me that my clients are a perfect fit for my high-level Spiritual Business Awakening mentorship. We will be working intimately together for several weeks.

I want to be 100% confident that when I show up for you and YOU show up for you inside this experience, you'll create the massive transformation in your lifestyle and spiritual business you seek!

That being said, I require all potential clients to fill out an extensive application to assess our compatibility as coach & client for this high-level program. It should take you no longer than 30 mins to complete. This mentorship requires a four-figure investment (specific amount varies depending on which package you choose). Please do not book a consultation call if you are not ready to invest (which is ok!).

I can't wait to read your application! Once I receive it, I will follow up with you via Instagram or email with next steps so we can put a ring on it and get started ASAP!

©copyright 2024 by CHRISSY DEE, LLC

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